Q: Will people be able to buy beer and cigarettes with food stamps starting Jan 2015?

A : Nope. It’s really that simple of an answer. Nah,nope,not happening. It’s a rumor started among Conservative punditry. That’s it. The end. Now, I’ve also been asked to talk about this meme… Continue reading

To Thug Kitchen: Your motto is “Eat like you give a fuck.” My challenge to you is: “Act like you give a fuck.”

 LINK :: Open Letter to the Perpetrators of Thug Kitchen | VINE Sanctuary Blog. This is a must read. Like the author, I originally thought Thug Kitchen was created by a young black man… Continue reading

An Angel Tree Gift Buying Guide

If you’ve grabbed a name tag off an Angel Tree or similar program at the mall or your church and not sure where to go from there, these tips might help to choose the… Continue reading

Companies That Hire Felons

via Facebook After serving time for felony charges, many are more likely to be at deep risk for falling into poverty and becoming further marginalized. That’s why this list is so important. The bad… Continue reading

Why I Despise The Hipster Aesthetic | The Autonomous Zone

In the 19th century, it became popular for wealthy curiosity-seekers to “go slumming,” visiting poor neighborhoods, ostensibly to increase their awareness of social issues, but more often to gawk at how “the other… Continue reading

Florida judge issues ruling in favor of Food Not Bombs feedings – FSRN

  Tuesday a judge in Florida issued a temporary ban on citations or arrests for a controversial ordinance that outlawed most food sharings in Ft. Lauderdale public parks. Activists have likened recent city rules… Continue reading

Imperialism, Land Grabs, and Patriarchy

via proletarianfeminism: Recently a non-profit organization called GRAIN published a rather extensive report on global food production that offers a wealth of data and insights on how imperialist agribusiness and it’s concomitant land appropriation… Continue reading

Ida B. Wells, Anti-Lynching Crusader, Was the Godmother of the Social Justice Internet

Originally posted on Flavorwire:
“Let me give thanks for your faithful paper on the lynch abomination,” Frederick Douglass wrote to Ida B. Wells, introducing her pamphlet on lynching, ‘A Red Record.’  “Brave woman!…

The Harry Potter Alliance’s #MyHungerGames Brings Awareness to Stories of Income Inequality | The Mary Sue

  via The Harry Potter Alliance’s #MyHungerGames Brings Awareness to Stories of Income Inequality | The Mary Sue. The Harry Potter Alliance grew out of a group of HP fans who wanted to take the… Continue reading

90 yr old man busted for feeding the homeless

  via Apparently I’m A Cupcake.