Unexpected Food Sources In Your Garden – Empress of Dirt

Unexpected Food Sources In Your Garden – Empress of Dirt.

The Pencilsword: On a plate – The Wireless

  The Pencilsword: On a plate – The Wireless.

Everyone deserves a living wage…. even if they can’t spell ‘fries’

The above response is perfect. *edited to add* The author is David Gerrold. As a writer, I appreciate grammar and spelling. As a human being, I recognize that some people don’t speak or… Continue reading

Productive Bodies: Human Worth in the Era of Capitalism

Originally posted on anaïs charles:
The alarm on my phone rings. 5am. I feel the heaviness in my chest, aching and tender. No mind, I start my early morning ritual of mentally…

Photographer takes pictures of homeless pregnant women to help them feel beautiful

Originally posted on Metro:
Keri Vaca gives mums who are struggling a moment to treasure as they wait for their new arrival (Picture: Keri Vaca) An amazing photographer is giving women who are…

What’s in season: May

In season produce is often less expensive. It’s a good opportunity to take advantage of sales and freeze the extra for later.

ICYMI: Hundreds of poor residents being forced out of DC housing,Texas sends poor teens to adult jail for skipping school, more about Kansas shenanigans… (and more)

Seems like a lot of inequality shenanigans to mention this week. × Texas is sending poor teens to adult jail for skipping school – That doesn’t quite seem like the answer to getting them… Continue reading

A version of the SNAP Challenge that would actually help people on SNAP

via Funky Little EarthChild I like it. If the intention of austerity challenges is to help poor people, I would think wealthy activists would be enthusiastic about this.  Presumably, SNAP challenges are intended… Continue reading

Poverty is a weapon of mass destruction

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Racial Justice is Economic Justice

  via FranChescaleigh’s blog. Black people make up the largest % of fast food workers in the nation. On 4/15, stand with Black Youth Project 100 and #Fightfor15 for better jobs: http://byp100.org/ff15signup/   On a… Continue reading