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Deep Breaths

No matter how many of those bad days are back to back, you need to remember this doesn’t represent the sum of your life. Speaking of taking a deep breath … this is… Continue reading

You ARE trying.

This ones for those of you who are tired of  being told you just need to try harder. Acknowledge to yourself how hard your trying and let this be the only standard to… Continue reading

“There needs to be people at the bottom.” and other things said about minimum wage jobs

If I go right now to Facebook and post an article about raising the minimum wage that points out why it’s impossible to live on current minimum wage, I could fill this Bingo… Continue reading

Keep your dreams.

Is it just me who feels that, as a poor person, people are very quick to talk you down from your goals and aspirations? It doesn’t seem to be as a kind hearted… Continue reading

Courage Wolf is here to help you get through Monday


How to cook seasonal winter vegetables (INFOGRAPHIC)

  via here: How to cook seasonal winter vegetables (INFOGRAPHIC). More than any other time of the year, winter is when people send me pictures of Mystery Food that was in their CSA or… Continue reading


This is me. My husband hates it.”How can you say that?! It’s clearly not going to be OK.” But it always somehow does work out. I love being right. The funny thing is,… Continue reading

Food Stamp News: SNAP Cuts Explained & Michigan’s new drug testing policy

A few weeks ago, you might have picked up on my annoyance at having to debunk rumors regarding food stamp policy changes and sensationalized articles about food assistance cuts. From now on, I will… Continue reading

Combating Negativity

via Your Mental Health First Aid Kit. This takes practice. A lot of it. The idea that you can let negativity bounce off you isn’t really true. Unless you have some awesome force field,… Continue reading