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no groceries challenge revisited

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In May and June, I imposed a “no groceries” rule on myself. I was very low on cash. I wanted to find new ways to save money. I…

Poverty Has Same Effect On The Brain As Constantly Pulling All Nighters

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From Think Progress: By Bryce Covert on August 30, 2013 The mental strain of living in poverty and thinking constantly about tight finances can drop a…

#AskJamieOliver turned into ,”Hey, Jamie…how am I supposed to eat like that when I’m poor?”

The hashtag #AskJamieOliver on Twitter didn’t go so well for Jamie the other day. I think the tweet chat Q & A was supposed to be to promote his new show but it… Continue reading

Stop the Hunger Clock: 64 days until people on food stamps get a little hungrier

This explains the reduction in SNAP that will begin in November and actions to take to try to keep it from happening. Stop the Hunger Clock!.

The Shelf Life of Food

Mean People Suck : Senator Marbles linking race & food to poverty

There weren’t a whole lot of people making asses of themselves publicly this week. Unless you want to count Miley Cyrus but that doesn’t have much to do with us poor folks, I… Continue reading

Creating an urban garden space

This was a parking lot. This is a project done by a woman who bought an old ice house and renovated it to live in, in an urban area. The garden is her… Continue reading

The Good Stuff: Good news on poverty, food stamp fraud is so low it’s not worth mentioning (yet I just did),and other signs not everyone is with the war on the poor.

I need a better, catchier title for these link round-ups. The Kalamazoo Loaves and Fishes has been hosting a community wide SNAP challenge. Participants have left some comments on the blog relaying their… Continue reading

A person making $50,000/year pays a dime a day into the food stamp program

Seems like I mention this tidbit a lot, whether in discussions or in writing. I think it needed to have it’s very own post here. The math on this: here It works out to be… Continue reading

Mean People Suck Monday: Adam Carolla ,some dumb economist guy,Bill O’Reilly, an employee at a Plaid Pantry in Oregon & some other jerks in Portland

I was going to have a Jerkface of the Week thing but some weeks, it seems like there are way too many jerkfaces out there saying mean things about poor people to choose… Continue reading