Monthly Archive: September, 2013

Freegan Score: Oh,look…MORE zucchini. But rest assured…it will not be wasted.

  I have now made ALL the zucchini things one can make,so this big guy is going in to the freezer.   But look at these itty-bitty corn cob rejects! I take in… Continue reading

Songs for Social Justice: Bullets for breakfast and mass murder meals. Enemy of the state, and your plate is the battlefield

On my regular ol’ blog, I post often about music. I apply music to life and think of it as making up a soundtrack to my own life and the world’s consciousness. It would… Continue reading

Frugal Foodie Digest #2

A wrap-up of everything foodie and frugal posted the past week on the Cheap Eats Pinterest board and the Poor as Folk facebook page. Recipes & Food How-Tos Cheesy Sweet Potato Crisps Red… Continue reading

Being a Poor Woman In America

I’m unashamedly letting info-graphics do my post for me today. I fall into the category of being one of these women. They can speak for me without needed me to add words. [via 18 Facts… Continue reading

20 Delicious Ways To Use Beans and Save Money

20 delicious ways to use beans and save money from The Nourishing Gourmet I use a lot of beans for meals. They’re a cheaper and sometimes better source of protein than meat. A… Continue reading

Why Discussions About Privilege Are the Problem

Originally posted on Thought Catalog:
This article won’t be a scream-fest, sorry. Having said that, no one cares about your J Crew packages and it’s the job of government to determine general wealth…

Thrift Score: Belated Back-to-School Clothes

We didn’t have any extra cash to do back to school clothes shopping last month, and my three girls really needed some new stuff. Hooray for the annual Presbyterian Mission rummage sale! Or… Continue reading

The Good Stuff: A Couple of Politicians Who Don’t Suck

Hey, I like when big House votes happen on issues that matter to me. It helps me categorize politicians into the Against Us and On Our Side file folders in my brain. Jim… Continue reading

Mean People Suck: The 217 Members of Congress Who Said Yes To Food Stamp Cuts

Yeah,so…that happened. Friday, a bunch of overpaid clowns voted  ,”Hell,YEAH!” to cutting $40 billion over 10 years from SNAP. It’s what Jesus would have wanted. So said Congressman Kevin Cramer  when he threw Bible… Continue reading

I made Chocolate Lasagna…Pie

I have no idea what lascivious temptress invented this recipe but he or she must be either a chocolatier genius or someone who gets kickbacks from a pharmaceutical company that makes diabetes drugs.… Continue reading