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ICYMI: Winter produce guide,vegan avocado recipes, more tips to reduce food waste, homemade scouring scrub..and more

  The Food Stuff   10 Tips for the Black Thumb – Like, if yu swear you can’t grow stuff because you have a Black Thumb, these tips might help you get past… Continue reading

ICYMI: #changetheconversation, food demand at food banks higher than ever, Utah is giving homeless people homes,and issues that affect transgender people

  I know. My graphic is off center. I’ll fix it when I get my laptop fixed and don’t have to fight for time on a computer.   What Happens When the Poor… Continue reading

Stop slashing SNAP

What to do with life and it’s lemon handing.

Originally posted on DIY or Die: Survival in a Post-Apocalyptic World:
    Damn right.  Lemons are good for a helluva lot more than lemonade. And you know what I love about the…

No, you can’t use food stamps to buy pot in Colorado.

Here’s the deal. A site called The National Report wrote this thing  about people using their EBT to buy pot in Colorado and  they interviewed a pot store owner who was accepting SNAP to… Continue reading

Bill Gates debunks myths about poverty

My pretend boyfriend Jimmy Fallon asks Bill Gates about some of the myths debunked in the 2014 Gates Annual Letter. Poor countries aren’t doomed to stay poor,foreign aid isn’t a waste ,and increased… Continue reading

Crockpot Yogurt

    originally posted on my other blog crazy dumbsaint of the mind on January 11th,2011. I love our crockpot so much I thought we could use another one. We already had a 6-Qt… Continue reading

ICYMI: Meals w/protein but no meat, thrifty kitchen tools,basic sourdough, staying clean without showering daily (or shampoo), and oodles more.

      The Foodie Stuff 21 Meals With Tons Of Protein And No Meat – Just what it says: tons of protein,no meat Freezer Meals – Spinach Lasagna Rolls – This was one of my… Continue reading

ICYMI: The real welfare queens aren’t single mothers, poverty is making people…sick? (NO KIDDING!), gender equality is a myth & a bunch more.

Yuppies Watching Documentaries– The gist of it: these people watched A Place at the Table and were motivated to help so they founded Groceryships, an organization that gets groceries to people who need them. How… Continue reading

“We Will No Longer Stay Silent to This Classism”: NYC Youth Poet Laureate Ramya Ramana

New York City’s 2014 Youth Poet Laureate Ramya Ramana read a poem she wrote at Bill de Blasio that celebrated New York City while also being a “Screw you, Bloomberg!” send off to… Continue reading