Monthly Archive: March, 2014

“They helped us in our darkest moments, when the food ran out” – Mayor SvanteMyrick

My local Mayor Svante Myrick was on Meet the Press yesterday morning. Pretty big deal,I suppose but it actually just reminded me that I never posted this incredibly moving video he made for… Continue reading

It’s okay to not be okay

  via  inspirational collages   Today, I’m not 100% okay.  My Grandma is dying and my oldest son is now officially homeless. The former is ,in a way, a relief since she’s not… Continue reading

3.29.14 Link Love: More support for Shanesha Taylor

News and thoughts from around the web….   If there were negative feelings about Shanesha Taylor’s situation the other day, the majority chose to keep it to themselves and spare me their vitriol… Continue reading

Lunchtime Links: Eat for 40 cents a day, use up those broccoli stems, and alternative recipes to boxed foods…

All the good foodie stuff around the web today… The Prudent Homemaker has a decent  series on frugal cooking that covers all the areas. Not everyone can do all of these but if you’re able… Continue reading

Garden Pool | A nonprofit organization to develop and teach sustainable ways to grow food.

  How cool is this?  A family bought a home with a rundown pool and converted it into THIS: Garden Pool started as one family’s blog to document converting an old backyard swimming… Continue reading

Jill’s Words: “I died that day as my family was ripped apart”

This picture showed up on my tumblr dashboard right after I’d finished reading all the new things in my inbox this morning. It feels like it belongs here. Today, I woke up to… Continue reading

Shanesha Taylor Needs Support ,Not Jail

  Prison Culture» Action Needed: Shanesha Taylor Needs Support Not Jail – Shanesha Taylor ,a homeless mother with 2 children, is currently in jail after leaving her children in a car while she was… Continue reading

Re-grow your salad

      This is via passion4plants  , who also adds to the lovely photo tutorial: first cut it out from the leaves then cut a little from the edge but not too much… Continue reading

3.25.14: The Republicans want MORE food stamp cuts

News,thoughts, and going-ons…   The Republicans have the balls to be asking for more cuts to SNAP. Yes,really. In this 5 minute segment, Bernie Sanders lays out the picture of poverty in the… Continue reading

Revisiting the affordability of “Grow your own food!” ….

[previously on this topic : “Why “Grow your own food!” might not be so easy for poor people” ,Part 1 & Part 2 . Also: The Privilege of Real Food ]   My friend… Continue reading