Monthly Archive: April, 2014

Today’s Reads: Basically, a round-up of jerky people

I guess maybe it’s good to consolidate all the mean people into one post. Keep the hate contained a bit. Yes, talk of Donald Sterling’s racism is totally relevant here. Long before the… Continue reading

Senate Doesn’t Pass Minimum Wage Raise

   Senate GOP blocked a minimum wage hike today. Even though raising the minimum wage would lift nearly 1 million Americans out of poverty  Even though $1BILLION of funding for  Food Stamps is… Continue reading

An Underground Farm WWII Air Raid Shelter Raises Thoughts About Future Food Production

This Land Is Your Land features an underground farm in London and focuses on the concerns about land & food production for the future. The underground farm is built within the shelter of a… Continue reading

Life is making rainbows


Today’s Reads: “”We have an image of hunger that comes from Africa, but this is America.And unless your belly is distended we don’t have an image of what hunger looks like here.”

All the read-worthy things for this evening. Viola Davis talked to People Magazine about digging through trash and stealing food as a kid growing up with hunger. Now partnering with the Safeway Foundationand the Entertainment… Continue reading

Wheelchair Accessible Gardening

I believe I mentioned these types of raised bed here. These designs help make gardening accessible for wheelchair-bound disabled people. This seems like it would be a great project for scouting groups or… Continue reading

Lunchtime Links: 16 ways to eat dandelion greens, homemade ramen?, and impromptu meal “planning”

Everything food related for today…   Hell,yes, DANDELIONS. I may have mentioned this already(?) but I’ve been studying to become a certified herbalist. Herbalists love dandelions. They’re great for cleaning toxins from your… Continue reading

Today’s Reads- Transgender employment challenges…Poverty, Stigma, and Disease….

Some notable reads from around the web today… The Challenges of Finding Employment as a 52-Year-Old Transgender Woman – Finding employment when you’re over 50 is really difficult but then add in being a… Continue reading

Lunchtime Not-Links: Pictures of Things Growing

I barely touched my feedly this weekend, so this morning I had thousands of unread things. I clicked “Mark all as read”. Then groaned as I realized I’d have nothing to share for… Continue reading

Keep your chin up

via positive affirmations.   Also important to remember: lack of financial & career success and economic hardships don’t mean you’re a failure.  People use that amount in a bank account to determine wealth but… Continue reading