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? Photography by Susan Bell: I never tire of this quick, simple meal. Originally adapted from a beef goulash recipe,…

César E. Chávez Day 2015

Originally posted on Pro President Obama Blog:
? César E. Chávez César E. Chávez (born César Estrada Chávez,  March 31, 1927 – April 23, 1993) was an American farm worker, labor leader and…

The So-Called Religious Freedom of Indiana

Originally posted on indyfeminists:
If I’m going to be honest, I have been dreading this day since election night 2014. We knew it was coming. With historically low voter turnout, Indiana’s most vulnerable…

Powerful films from 5 young people: What health inequality looks like in the US

Originally posted on TED Blog:
By Michael Painter.  For some of us, it’s easy to choose to be healthy. We can’t control whether disease or accidents strike, but we can decide where we live…

Charity vs Solidarity

from america-wakiewakie

17 Strategies for Stashing Seasonal Produce in Your Freezer — Love Your Freezer | The Kitchn

17 Strategies for Stashing Seasonal Produce in Your Freezer — Love Your Freezer | The Kitchn.

How I Save on Groceries (without Coupons) – Letters from Sunnybrook

How I Save on Groceries (without Coupons) – Letters from Sunnybrook. This is a great rundown of how to cut your budget without coupons. One of the common things I see people holler… Continue reading

“And I love how you love the people as much as self .I love it how you want redistribution of the wealth”

Now this is my idea of a love song. Happy belated Valentine’s Day, folks. Yo, life and debt, light a cigarette smoke the stress Take a deep breath baby, let’s rearrange the mess… Continue reading

Weekend Links

A trove of read-worthy links relating to poverty and inequality. The Poor People’s Campaign: The little known protest MLK was planing when he died – The goal: to demand that President Lyndon B. Johnson… Continue reading

Recipe: Parsnip & Potato Hash

Parsnips are one of those root veggies people ask me about a lot. As in,”What are these and what do I do with them?” From what I gather, they are a staple in… Continue reading