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SNAP News: Maine aiming for more restrictions, Georgia tries to deny refugees SNAP, and more….

Here’s what’s recent in SNAP policy & public opinion. [Content notes: Syrian refugees,bureaucratic spending, junk food,diabetes,obesity-hunger paradox,health care, Maine,Georgia,Chicago, child hunger,NYC,food banks,soup kitchens,Indiana,Hawaii, Ruth Riley] Department of Agriculture: Syrian Refugees Must Be GivenFood… Continue reading

Very Frugal Feasting Wrap-Up

Let me get this out of the way: I hate Thanksgiving. I hate most holidays. I like Halloween so much I got married on it. I treat my kids’ birthdays like they’re holidays.… Continue reading

┬áThe Whiny Cold House Blog

[Content Notes: winter, home energy bills, HEAP, seasonal affective disorder, keeping poor people poor] . Even if you’re not trying to figure out how to cut heating bills, it’s fascinating to read about… Continue reading

Recommend to me….

   I do this every year as winter approaches on my personal social media but I thought I’d do a version of it here. I have a terrible time in the winter and… Continue reading

Ugh, SNAP.

Here’s my good-bad news: My husband got a raise. 50 whole cents more per hour. I am finally easing back into work at home mode. The summer and our hectic move made working… Continue reading

PAF Playlist: Stand up….we shall not be moved, except for a child with no socks and shoes

What with all the holey shoe issues this week, this song kept popping into my head. This week has me thinking about how my current poor AF circumstances are both enormous and small… Continue reading


   My boys went to school with new shoes on their feet this morning. Several readers here (and Facebook page followers) donated funds to my Paypal. This was me:    I have such… Continue reading


   We paid the rent today. We have a whopping $5 left until next payday. A whole week away. Somehow this has me totally unfazed. It was noticing that both of my boys’… Continue reading

Our Free Organic Apples

There are five old,gnarly,unkempt apple trees on our rented homestead property that have been providing a steady stream of apples since early September. The apples are as gnarly looking as the trees sometimes.… Continue reading

1st of the Month

Ugh, I just depressed the hell out of myself writing about how I’m struggling to keep my head up and above the flood waters (what caused the flood? The tears of poor people… Continue reading