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Everyone deserves a living wage…. even if they can’t spell ‘fries’

The above response is perfect. *edited to add* The author is David Gerrold. As a writer, I appreciate grammar and spelling. As a human being, I recognize that some people don’t speak or… Continue reading

Productive Bodies: Human Worth in the Era of Capitalism

Originally posted on anaïs charles:
The alarm on my phone rings. 5am. I feel the heaviness in my chest, aching and tender. No mind, I start my early morning ritual of mentally…

Photographer takes pictures of homeless pregnant women to help them feel beautiful

Originally posted on Metro:
Keri Vaca gives mums who are struggling a moment to treasure as they wait for their new arrival (Picture: Keri Vaca) An amazing photographer is giving women who are…

What’s in season: May

In season produce is often less expensive. It’s a good opportunity to take advantage of sales and freeze the extra for later.

ICYMI: Hundreds of poor residents being forced out of DC housing,Texas sends poor teens to adult jail for skipping school, more about Kansas shenanigans… (and more)

Seems like a lot of inequality shenanigans to mention this week. × Texas is sending poor teens to adult jail for skipping school – That doesn’t quite seem like the answer to getting them… Continue reading

A version of the SNAP Challenge that would actually help people on SNAP

via Funky Little EarthChild I like it. If the intention of austerity challenges is to help poor people, I would think wealthy activists would be enthusiastic about this.  Presumably, SNAP challenges are intended… Continue reading

Poverty is a weapon of mass destruction

via Home grown.

Racial Justice is Economic Justice

  via FranChescaleigh’s blog. Black people make up the largest % of fast food workers in the nation. On 4/15, stand with Black Youth Project 100 and #Fightfor15 for better jobs:   On a… Continue reading

ICYMI: The World Bank is failing poor people, LGBT folks and the Fight for $15, and general reminders to listen to poor people

× Instead of helping people in poverty, The World Bank has displaced 3.4 million people and widened economic inequality. × Thank God for Peanut Butter and Jelly Day – Marian Wright Edelman weighs in on… Continue reading

Despite Our Saviour Gwyneth Paltrow, politicians are still being jerks to poor people

Ok, let’s get this over with before moving on to more important things. Gwyneth Paltrow went food shopping with $29 and pretending to be poor for a week. You might have heard about… Continue reading