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Deep Breaths

No matter how many of those bad days are back to back, you need to remember this doesn’t represent the sum of your life. Speaking of taking a deep breath … this is… Continue reading

You ARE trying.

This ones for those of you who are tired of  being told you just need to try harder. Acknowledge to yourself how hard your trying and let this be the only standard to… Continue reading

Keep your dreams.

Is it just me who feels that, as a poor person, people are very quick to talk you down from your goals and aspirations? It doesn’t seem to be as a kind hearted… Continue reading

Courage Wolf is here to help you get through Monday



This is me. My husband hates it.”How can you say that?! It’s clearly not going to be OK.” But it always somehow does work out. I love being right. The funny thing is,… Continue reading

Combating Negativity

via Your Mental Health First Aid Kit. This takes practice. A lot of it. The idea that you can let negativity bounce off you isn’t really true. Unless you have some awesome force field,… Continue reading

Success means something different to each person. Respect that.

Illustration by Alex Noriega It’s so important to not measure your own successes by other’s idea of what success looks like, especially those who adhere to that capitalism-driven vision of it.

Celebrating the small victories

via  thementalhealthcorner Some of you reading this wanted to give up during the past year and you didn’t.  I’m so glad you’re still here and I’m proud of you for getting through the tough… Continue reading

Things to say to yourself instead of the negative stuff

via ♡ The Mental Health Corner. “Plan A didn’t work…. good thing the alphabet has 25 more letters” is one of my favorites. (I’m guessing this is taken from a real life workshop and… Continue reading

Happy New Year.

Oh,yes. Mistakes will be made among all of us. I guarantee it. Mistakes are sometimes the worst thing ever when you’re poor because mistakes can be pretty damn expensive. (Don’t worry if you… Continue reading