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Pass it on

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Just go all Hulk *SMASH* on those words

via positive affirmations.   Good morning, everyone :-) Do this today. You’ll feel better & it will help you get shit done.  

We can all contribute.

In relation to the recovery post the other day, a reader brought up her similar feelings as a disabled woman about activism….feelings that had me nodding in agreement! Don’t make the mistake of… Continue reading

Recovery is a process

via Insight & Inspiration. I know a few people celebrating big steps in their recovery right now. Now matter where you are in your own recovery process, it’s all big & important.   I’m… Continue reading

Kevin Durant talks about his mom during MVP speech.

via Truth   “When you didn’t eat, you made sure we did.” I know that part resonates with a lot of you out there reading this. Stay strong,mamas.  

Important Life Lesson

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Paying It Forward

I’m a huge fan of Paying it Forward. I even offer little freebie Pay It Forward listing in my Etsy shop sometimes. One of the times I felt the most insulted in my… Continue reading

Life is making rainbows


Keep your chin up

via positive affirmations.   Also important to remember: lack of financial & career success and economic hardships don’t mean you’re a failure.  People use that amount in a bank account to determine wealth but… Continue reading

Take care of yourself

  via the unapologetic selfie: quote credit to the six word story    See also: Brief Guide to Self-Care