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Lunchtime Links: A Commercially-Zoned Community Garden, a no-waste concept supermarket,and Women Food & Ag reporters you should know about

  Feed Fayetteville plants community garden in downtown commercial zone | Fayetteville Flyer There are very few community gardens that exist in commercial zones. In my local “green” city, I walk by so… Continue reading

Lunchtime Links: Food Stamp enrollment declining,freezing food safely…. + + +

Hey, this might be good news? Enrollment in SNAP has started to drop. (But in the back of my mind, I’m thinking about how GOP reps wanting to emulate California’s success in discouraging… Continue reading

Growing Power: An urban farm that grew a million pounds of food on 3 acres

I’m pretty impressed with Will Allen and his organization Growing Power. He had a few acres of land in Milwaukee and turned it into a farm in 1993. Growing Power now consists of six… Continue reading

Creating an urban garden space

This was a parking lot. This is a project done by a woman who bought an old ice house and renovated it to live in, in an urban area. The garden is her… Continue reading

The Farmery

Ben Greene has this idea to bring fresh,locally grown produce to the city, especially where food deserts exist. The Farmery consists of stacked shipping containers and a greenhouse in the middle. The food… Continue reading

Ron Finley and guerrilla gardening in a food desert

When I wrote about why poor people can’t just grow their own food, Ron Finley came to mind as an example of people helping people to overcome these barriers I talked about. Ron Finley… Continue reading