How this blog got its start

In November of 2011, I came out on my personal blog as a food stamp recipient. I had just done a month long recipe posting series called Crocktober! and felt like I needed to say, “Hey,all that good food? It was bought with food stamps.”
I had two goals with this admission. I wanted to break down the negative stigmas about people on food stamps and I wanted to show people that eating on SNAP dollars doesn’t mean you have to eat poorly. It ended up being so much more than that in the two years since I’ve been writing about living on food stamps. I’ve become far more educated about the issues surrounding poverty, politically and socially. I’ve interacted with hundreds of strangers on the Internet, living below the poverty line, all struggling with food insecurity…both with and without food stamps. Poverty and hunger in the United States is both complex and very simple. The understanding of the ins and outs of poverty, even among educated and aware people , is rather minimal. What most people “know” about poverty,hunger, and food stamps is based on false stereotypes, assumptions, and myths.

As the writing on my personal blog got more attention, I began to feel it needed to be removed from my personal stuff and given it’s own blog. Some feedback over the two years pointed out that my “salty language”  was perhaps alienating some people who do not appreciate The F Word as much as I do for it’s ability to convey passion and anger so succinctly. Basically, some people liked what I had to say on the issue and wanted to share it with a wider audience but didn’t feel they could because I cuss like a sailor girl. And they were absolutely right..

So. This is what this is. A blog about poverty and hunger, not just in America but globally. It’s for both the person struggling and the person wanting to learn more. I want to offer the person living  under that poverty line suggestions on how to make their situation easier (recipes, tips,inspiration,etc…) and explore the political and social climate surrounding the issue of poverty. I also want to give the person living in poverty a voice.

Read the post that started my blogging series about living on food stamps: Crocktober! was brought to you by …food stamps.

Very special thanks to Corey from Two Degrees of Suburbia for naming this blog.

If you’d like to contact me to suggest a topic or share a personal story, fill out the form below. Guest posts of personal experiences and useful information are welcome and appreciated.