SNAP & Limited Budget Resources


Even though I am torn on the value of “austerity challenges”, some of these have some good tips and recipes.

The Grocery Cart Challenge – feeding a family of 6 on $60 aweek

The X-Treme Food Stamp Challenge – out of necessity, $161 a month for a family of 5.Actual food stamp recipient.

The Dollar a Day Challenge – $1 a day on food for the month of June

The Incompetent Hausfraus’ $2 a Day Challenge– Can you feed your family on $2 a day per person?

100 Days of Real Food on A Budget -$125/week for a family of four. Real food only – no processed food.

The $35 a Week Project – 2 people, all meals $35/week

The Minimalist Food Challenge -$200 or less for a month, while also making use of what was already in the pantry & freezer

Milehimama’s Food Stamp Challenge – Family with 9 children, some with special diets,eat real food for $2/per person a day

FAEats SNAP Challenge – a week long challenge

Once A Month Mom’s Get Real: Saving More and Spending Less on Real Food – just some great tips on smart shopping for real food on a budget

Poor Girl Eats Well -$25 Shopping Cart series

Daily Cheapskate–  a SNAP Challenge….  $63/week for a couple.

Incompetent Housefrau’s Week of Snap Food – Gluten-free & dairy-free for a family of 6

Real Food,Real Deals – feeding a family real food on a budget

Cory Booker’s SNAP Challenge – Mayor of Newark, NJ takes a $4/day challenge.

Top 10 Foods for a Healthy SNAP Diet -Alli Sosna shares her thoughts on healthy eating with some suggestions for must-buy healthy items



Also,I made a board on Pinterest where I’ll pin frugal recipes and tips on saving money on groceries . It’s here: Cheap Eats