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John Oliver on Income Inequality & The Wealth Gap

John Oliver nails it here. He starts off with clips of Obama saying that income inequality will be a top priority and showing how quickly that topic was pushed under the rug thanks… Continue reading

Being a Poor Woman In America

I’m unashamedly letting info-graphics do my post for me today. I fall into the category of being one of these women. They can speak for me without needed me to add words. [via 18 Facts… Continue reading

‘What is riskier than living poor in America?’

I’m not certain but I believe this clip of Melissa Harris-Perry passionately asking her panel of guests, “What is riskier than living  poor in America?” is what made me develop a crazy brain… Continue reading

The War on Poverty…the war on the hungry (and other recent news bits)

Poverty in the news . One Wisconsin food stamp bill signed while a second remains stalled – That junk food bill Scott Walker introduced is flawed and therefore, faltering. with the new proposal that prohibits more… Continue reading

The Reasons Poor People Might Not Eat Healthy

I see  a lot of discussions regarding the topic of people living on food stamps/ poor people and “Why can’t they just eat right?” and talks about not letting people buy “junk food”… Continue reading