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What’s in season: May

In season produce is often less expensive. It’s a good opportunity to take advantage of sales and freeze the extra for later.

Pantry Goods to Buy in Bulk to Save Money

  Pantry Goods to Buy in Bulk to Save Money via Mom Prepares I also write another blog (which will be a book) about Post-Apocalyptic Living…or Prepping. You’ve seen Doomsday Preppers? Well, I haven’t… Continue reading

Meal Planning 101

For those who need help figuring out how to meal plan, check out Meal Planning 101. The one area I tend to be the most organized in is my meal planning. I have found… Continue reading

The McBudget

This is a sample budget given to McDonald’s workers . McDonald’s is openly saying, “You are going to have to get a second job.” At least they are recognizing how impossible it is to… Continue reading