Lunchtime Links: Stamp Out Hunger, lots of lentil recipes, and another study confirms stuff we know

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So, back to things like Lunchtime Links!

Tomorrow is the annual Letter Carrier’s Food Drive, better known now as Stamp Out Hunger. On Saturday, May 10th, leave a plastic bag with canned and nonperishable food next to your mailbox. Your letter carrier will donate it to a local food bank.

If you don’t get mail delivery and still want to contribute, check out this list to find a food bank near you.

Does anyone see flyers for this in your own area? I never see anything here. I only know of this event because of social media and I go to my local post office nearly every day. Maybe I’m not aware since I don’t get home delivery?

Speaking of food banks…

via Sustainable Food Trust  -

Affordable healthy diet ‘too expensive for many

This isn’t news around these parts (meaning this part here of the blogosphere). We know that the need for food banks has increased. Eating healthy is really not something that some poor people CAN do.
Meanwhile,I can present studies and personal narratives every damn day ,all day long and I will still hear some people blame poor people for unhealthy eating “choices” ( saying choice implies there is more than one option) , fat-shaming poor people ignoring the “obesity-poverty paradox” and of course, saying poor people aren’t trying hard enough to do for themselves.

On the issue of “concern trolls” (people who raise “concerns” or non-helpful solutions about the things people do or act supposedly out of interest for the good of the people or cause at hand but who actually are working AGAINST what or who they claim to be advocating for, often ignoring the personal narratives and voices of people with the most experience )…. when it comes to the health and nutrition issues, weight is not the primary concern they need to be thinking about. From my perspective, brain health is the most important. Low income kids who don’t get the right food or enough of it can’t excel in school and tend to have more behavior problems. Obviously, the same is true for adults. Who can function well at a job when they’re hungry? Being hungry and not getting the right nutrition can literally make you pretty loopy and affect the way your brain works.

Hangry is a real thing.


Ok,enough of that.
How about some recipes? Lentils. Because it’s one thing people are like, “These were cheap but now what the hell do I do with them?”
This is a great list of recipes from Whole New Mom.

Lentil Collage Wmk

“Lentil-fy your life!”

Missing here is this thing my step-daughter makes (regional cuisine of Panama, where the step-kids grew up). Next time we Skype with her, I will ask her for the recipe.I tried to make it from memory but it wasn’t quite the same.
(I really love Skype. My step-daughter is living and going to school in Belgium right now. The other day, she took us on a live tour through her new town and showed us her container garden she has growing. That’s just SO cool,right?)




Lunchtime Links: Growing Cities, Healthy Recipes Database, and Hacked Shakshuka

All the foodie related stuff for today…

I have been so excited to see this since I first saw the trailer last Fall. Now the film is available for community screenings , so check out the showings to see if there are any near you.


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The Capital Area Foodbank has a great recipe database…. all healthy, mostly vegetarian,too.

Healthy Recipe Database







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Well, I didn’t know what Shakshuka was before (it’s basically poached eggs in tomato sauce) but it sounds delicious and with this hack, using cans of ro-tel could make it pretty cheap and easy. I’m all about cheap and easy.


Five Ingredient Yum: Shakshuka Hack



via Food Riot.

link round-up: #SaturdaySchool, liberal academics make poor revolutionaries, LGBT housing for low income seniors,and more…

Steve McQueen was born on this day (March 24th) in 1930. My favorite thing: McQueen had an unusual reputation for demanding free items in bulk from studios when agreeing to do a film, such as electric razors, jeans, and other products. It was later found out that McQueen requested these things because he was donating them to the Boy’s Republic Reformatory School for Displaced Youth, where he had spent time during his teen years.”

via Daily Dose from Joey X.


ICYMI:  The topic of #SaturdayScool this weekend was Children with Incarcerated Parents. If you’re not familiar with #SaturdaySchool, it’s a “a weekly hashtag chat about academics and rights-based issues — but it’s more than that. It’s an idea about protesting misinformation that is funded by corporate media and perpetuated by ignorance. #SaturdaySchool is a weekly digital teach-in intended to cross social media platforms. It doesn’t even have to happen on Saturday. A teach-in is a kind of protest that involves boycotting a previous behavior to learn and teach. “ hosted by @ProfRagsdale . You can check out the entire discussion  ~here~. As always,  there’s a lot of good information to read and discussions to provide food for thought.


7-Eleven worker can keep job after offering free coffee to homeless man

Amazed what shop owners and managers will do over a cup of coffee. At least he didn’t call the police. That homeless man might be dead now.


Why Liberal Academics and Ivory Tower Radicals Make Poor Revolutionaries : Every bit of this had me raising my fist and shouting,”Hell,YES!” . I’m probably just projecting my current frustrations not just with liberal academia but with liberal organizations whose purpose is to advocate for poor and marginalized people but they seem to have little regard for the actual communities they are “working” for.
“Liberal academics and social scientists need to understand their effect on the communities and people they study. Oppressed people who are put under the magnifying glass of academic research have to live with real consequences after the researcher leaves. This is especially true in the field of women’s and ethnic studies — where class, gender, and race consciousness are a part of the research process. Researchers leave behind a stranded community with little to no resources to help them organize movements that will create real change.”


Apartment complex for low-income LGBT seniors opens in Philadelphia - ““If we don’t take care of our LGBT seniors, we’re not taking care of our community,” says Segal, who believes the housing development should be a national model, “and that’s what real community is about.”
LGBT people have a greater poverty risk. This is why this is important.




The need for food banks is increasing in wealthier communities [link ]. Things really are that bad all over.



A quarter of Mississippi residents say they don’t have enough money for food: …


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ICYMI: Jon Stewart’s food stamp hater take-down, Daily Affirmations for the Revolutionary Proletarian Militant, not-so-new news about food banks shortages, and other stuff.



Sooooo muchneed to be writing about here and so little time to do it all. Until then, here’s other stuff people have writing and news that happened over the past week or so.


Meh. I had decided to bullet point this and now the formatting is a bit wonky, but I don’t have time to fix it right now. Apologies.

ICYMI: #changetheconversation, food demand at food banks higher than ever, Utah is giving homeless people homes,and issues that affect transgender people



I know. My graphic is off center. I’ll fix it when I get my laptop fixed and don’t have to fight for time on a computer.


What Happens When the Poor Receive a Stipend? - More reiteration of what happens when poor people are given money.“You feel controlled by the world when you’re poor,” she said. “That was simply no longer the case.”

Eating local isn’t just trendy – it can help stop poverty - As Viki Sonntag of Sustainable Seattle has found, “Shifting 20 percent of food dollars into local direct spending creates enormous multiplier effects. Spending $100 at a locally owned restaurant generates $79 for surrounding local businesses, whereas spending $100 at a nationally franchised chain restaurant generates only $31 of income for surrounding businesses.”

David Brooks’ Utter Ignorance About Inequality -Refresher: David Brooks is that journalist who tried to make poverty a moral issue,not an economic one…among other things.
Robert Reich is like, “Oh,hell no. Sit down and let the real thinkers talk.”

UN World Food Program Central African Republic: 9 Hunger Facts -Looking at food scarcity in Central African Republic: 2.6 million people need assistance, 60% have no food stocks available, 94% of communities don’t have enough seed for the next planting season,and aid is tricky to deliver because of security & safety to humanitarian workers.

Utah is Ending Homelessness by Giving People Homes -instead of criminalizing homelessness and maltreating homeless people like Captain Hammer in Hawaii did, Utah is giving homeless people apartments. Check out this comment thread for other cities doing similar.

4.8 million people will still not have healthcare coverage thank to jerkwad states who won’t expand medicaid.

What if we cared about those living in poverty as much as we care about celebrities?
via Woodgreen Community Services – Youth Settlement Services

“Being poor is not a crime:” transforming the struggle for housing rights worldwide | From singing in New York courtrooms to gluing door locks in Berlin: the struggle to protect housing rights is about more than bricks and mortar.

Poverty affects more women than men in US - yep. Now what do we do about that?

Sounds like a threat to me, especially when you can be a wage slave and still be hungry.

Demand for Food Never Higher in West Michigan-”This is the classic dilemma of American poverty: Without a job, a client has to turn to food pantries and public assistance; when she finds a job, she loses her public assistance and sometimes winds up with less than she had before; either way, she doesn’t have enough to get by. For many, the work requirements included in the House’s version of the Farm Bill could turn this situation into a true catch-22: by making food assistance available only to those who make too much to qualify for it.”
And it’s everywhere.


If you wear jeans, you’re not a woman: Transphobia at women’s shelters-22% of trans women reported experiencing domestic violence due to being transgender. 19% of respondents had been homeless at some point in their lives, a number which rose to 48% among those who had suffered domestic violence. And once in a shelter, At least one in four trans women in shelters have been physically or sexually assaulted while residing at the shelter.

March of Tigers – QPoC Domestic Violence Resources and Literature  -Domestic Violence shelters for Queer and Trans* People of Color in all 50 United States. This list will also contain reading resources with tools for addressing abuse and domestic violence in queer communities. Please add more if necessary.

What to do with mystery produce


This happens especially in the summer time. People email me  or message me on Facebook pictures of their most recent take home from their food pantry or CSA share.

“I don’t even know what this is! How am I supposed to cook it? LOL”
The veg in question…bok choy.

I once ended up with a whole box of rescued bok choy. I knew the feeling.

My favorite though was a picture of kohlrabi with the question, “What do I do with this?! It looks like those mandrake things in Harry Potter!

Food pantry produce is obviously a blessing, especially since so many food banks have a limited resource of fresh produce or don’t even deal with produce at all. Quite a few pantries that I know of often can’t include produce because they have limited storage space and/or no refrigeration and also only have a distribution day once every 2 weeks.

The negative side of food pantry produce is that sometimes what’s being handed out is the grocery stores surplus of veggies that haven’t sold well that week …meaning…the unpopular, often confusing ones.

But it isn’t just the unpopular veg that throw some people off. My inbox is a  confessional at times.  People admit, embarrassed , that they’ve never eaten common things  like broccoli or carrots before .Or that they’ve certainly eaten potatoes in their life but never cooked them. No need to be embarrassed here. I grew up in a household where everything was cooked from a box or was served out of a can. I had to teach myself about real food. There’s no shame in admitting that you don’t know something and asking to be informed, whether the subject is kale or world history.

So, if you have food that comes your way, you can totally ask me.  If I don’t know the answer, I can find someone who does. Every Friday on this blog and the Facebook page, I’ll have a weekly Frugal Foodie Friday. If you have a certain produce items or basic cooking skill you need tips how to master, ask away and on Fridays, I’ll post the info.
There’s a few other great sites you can check out that might give you some ideas.
The Farmers’ Market Recipe Generator  is honestly quite limiting right now with the produce options input in to the generator but it’s still a good start.

On buzzfeed, there’s a list of 31 Things To DO With Confusing CSA Veggies and nourished kitchen has another great list of some general ideas for what to do with those veggies in your CSA box.