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Anyone need a FREE dress for a prom or something fancy-ish?

This first dress is being offered by Matching Outfits. If you’re interested, use the Facebook messaging system to contact . It’s a size 2/3 and hemmed to fit about 5’2 or so. Here’s the… Continue reading

ICYMI: Food & Clothing Swaps, food bank pizza,building a greenhouse from plastic bottles….

  Recipes &  Food Budgeting Tips Healthy Eating on a Budget – Week 4 – There’s 5 weeks of “budget” meal menus to look at here. I *think* this is for one person. Week 4… Continue reading

Freegan Score: Oh,look…MORE zucchini. But rest assured…it will not be wasted.

  I have now made ALL the zucchini things one can make,so this big guy is going in to the freezer.   But look at these itty-bitty corn cob rejects! I take in… Continue reading

Recent Freegan & Garden Scores

Freegan = food that has come our way at no cost. NOT the prettiest apples ever but my daughter made a small batch of applesauce with a few of them over the weekend… Continue reading

How Wild Food Foraging Can Lower the Cost of Groceries

How Wild Food Foraging Can Lower the Cost of Groceries I know this isn’t possible for some people but if you have the time, physical ability and access, I highly recommend foraging. It… Continue reading