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Best Food & Gardening Books of 2014

My personal picks with one caveat: these books may not have been published in 2014 but that’s when I got around to reading them. 1. Eating Wildly: Foraging for Life, Love and the Perfect… Continue reading

Butter Buddha will supervise pickle making today | Flickr – Photo Sharing!

Butter Buddha will supervise pickle making today | Flickr – Photo Sharing!. Working on a full garden update (because people have asked a lot!) soon. We have a nice bounty of cukes &… Continue reading

Garden Update: The corn was definitely ‘knee-high by the 4th of July’

Well, the garden has had time to do some growing, so just a little update to tell how things are going. First… remember my Bean Trellis I made with crutches and 6-pack rings?… Continue reading

Lunchtime Links: how to grow beets, a retractable window garden, and an online map for freegans

Here’s today’s things…. how to grow beets, with brian campbell. It turns out I’m no Dwight Schrute when it comes to beet growing so I really appreciated that. This is only the second… Continue reading

Lunchtime Links: 20 Protein-Packed Black Bean Recipes, tomato-growing tips, and Tarbuj Ka Chutney

Lunchy links. Writing this as I’m eating leftover tabouleh and fish. Yum 20 Protein-Packed Black Bean Recipes | Brit + Co..   Good tomato growing tips for you newbies out there.   Tabuj… Continue reading

Garden Enemy #1

Caught this bugger this morning in the Hav-a-Hart trap. We’re about to hand him off to someone to take far,far away from my garden. BUT the bad news is, the woodchuck I saw… Continue reading

Lunchtime Links: Fire Escape Gardening, using Garlic Mustard Greens, and dealing with canned tomatoes

Some good things to pass along today.   Link→  17 Tips For Starting Your Own Herb Garden. These are all great tips for small space gardening. The tip about buying seedlings versus seeds…might… Continue reading

Garden Update: New bean trellis made from 6-pack rings & a pair of crutches

So, I made this yesterday. My husband works at a large grocery store and he’s been saving 6-pack rings from the soda vendor when he comes to fill the machines. I attached them… Continue reading

Wheelchair Accessible Gardening

I believe I mentioned these types of raised bed here. These designs help make gardening accessible for wheelchair-bound disabled people. This seems like it would be a great project for scouting groups or… Continue reading

Lunchtime Not-Links: Pictures of Things Growing

I barely touched my feedly this weekend, so this morning I had thousands of unread things. I clicked “Mark all as read”. Then groaned as I realized I’d have nothing to share for… Continue reading