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Lunchtime Links: Growing Cities, Healthy Recipes Database, and Hacked Shakshuka

All the foodie related stuff for today… I have been so excited to see this since I first saw the trailer last Fall. Now the film is available for community screenings , so check out… Continue reading

Lunchtime Links: Eat for 40 cents a day, use up those broccoli stems, and alternative recipes to boxed foods…

All the good foodie stuff around the web today… The Prudent Homemaker has a decent  series on frugal cooking that covers all the areas. Not everyone can do all of these but if you’re able… Continue reading

What’s in Season : Mid-to-Late July

  Produce is less expensive when it’s in season, so it’s the best time to buy it. You can can or freeze whatever you don’t eat right away and use it later when… Continue reading

How to Cook and Can Dry Beans

How to Can Dry Beans | The Prairie Homestead I typically stick to using dry beans because a bag  of dry beans will stretch over a few meals, whereas a can is usually… Continue reading