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Jodeci’s “Nobody Wins” makes a statement about domestic violence

The video for Jodeci’s first single in well over a decade is a platform for the issue of domestic violence. There’s a part that touches on how poverty and the fear of poverty… Continue reading

Our not-so-civil society…

  via America Wakie Wakie –

Beyoncé Just Gave Us the Best Reason to Love Her Yet – Mic

Over the last five years, Beyoncé has given $7 million of her own fortune to fund a housing complex for homeless people in Houston. For those years, the Knowles-Temenos Place Apartments has quietly… Continue reading

The money spent on the F-35 would be enough to buy every homeless person in the country a mansion.

via Truth. The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter is looking like a very costly mistake for the U.S. military. How costly? According to an analysis by ThinkProgress, the money spent on the F-35 would be… Continue reading

The Gregory Project, An Initiative to Turn Billboards Into Affordable Housing

  The Gregory Project, An Initiative to Turn Billboards Into Affordable Housing From the Gregory Project website: Cities are engulfed with rigid constructions for billboard advertisement which are expensive to put up, maintain and their subsequent… Continue reading

The Homeless Sign Exchange Project

April 2013, Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA Name: Mike a.k.a. “The Pope of Harvard Square” Read Mike’s story here Artists Kenji Nakayama & Christopher Hope have started a “Homeless Sign Exchange”. They pay homeless… Continue reading

Today’s Reads: “”We have an image of hunger that comes from Africa, but this is America.And unless your belly is distended we don’t have an image of what hunger looks like here.”

All the read-worthy things for this evening. Viola Davis talked to People Magazine about digging through trash and stealing food as a kid growing up with hunger. Now partnering with the Safeway Foundationand the Entertainment… Continue reading

ICYMI: Jon Stewart’s food stamp hater take-down, Daily Affirmations for the Revolutionary Proletarian Militant, not-so-new news about food banks shortages, and other stuff.

  Sooooo much I need to be writing about here and so little time to do it all. Until then, here’s other stuff people have writing and news that happened over the past week… Continue reading

ICYMI: #changetheconversation, food demand at food banks higher than ever, Utah is giving homeless people homes,and issues that affect transgender people

  I know. My graphic is off center. I’ll fix it when I get my laptop fixed and don’t have to fight for time on a computer.   What Happens When the Poor… Continue reading

ICYMI: Homeless in a Polar Vortex, giving away money to people who need it, funding programs for children in poverty and more

  We’re in the middle of this polar vortex and it’s made me think more about homelessness than I probably ever have before. Chicago Homeless Prepare for Deadly Cold http://bit.ly/1eaG9TY ∫ ∫   The… Continue reading