Lunchtime Links: Using up potato water and cabbge (2 separate things),making rice cool,and more.

A round-up of today’s food related things…

Ohhh,man…. Chilli Cheese Tater Tots. I probably would use beans instead of the beef.

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Use it Up: Potato Water – How to recycle the water you boiled taters in…use it for other food or water your plants with it.

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How do I make rice more interesting? – This is a reader-submitted question over at The Kitchn but I’m asked this a lot ,too. The editor has some good suggestions but the comments sections is full of ideas. Yes, I’m telling you to read the comments. Might be the only time I ever do that…

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You know how I’m always complaining about the repetitive budget shopping tips lists (that often have some WTF Tips,ya know?) …and “budget meals” that are like my whole budget for a week?  Next-Level Tips for Saving Money on Your Grocery Bill
atire,my friends.
(And yes, I still DO advocate foraging and freeganism…. like, if you’re not trespassing or going to get arrested for it. Poor people can’t afford none of that nonsense)

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 28 Recipes to Celebrate Spring – Spring! I am so excited. The best thing about cooking w/ seasonal ingredients is that they are often less expensive when in season.

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I still have some cabbage to use up from that whole Corned Beef & Cabbage affair. Might try the cabbage salad idea ~here~


ICYMI- Recipe & Food Round-Up: Using powdered milk,preserving lemons, gluten-free crockpot recipes and more

Because some people like their food & politics separate (as if there is such a thing!) , from now on the weekly wrap-ups will be one for food and one for the other stuff *insert smiley face here*
(I’m trying to use less emoticons in the New Year)

80 Gluten-Free Slow Cooker Recipes -most look pretty frugal.

15 Ways to Preserve Lemons | Punk Domestics -lemons are on of those things in season right now, so make the most of it.

Cheesy Leftover Mashed Potato Pancakes Recipe | Just a Taste- a great use for leftover mashed potatoes. Or maybe a way to use potatoes in a different way

Saving Money with Powdered Milk | Hillbilly Housewife – Powdered milk is inexpensive but it’s also one of those thing food banks give to everyone in a standard package. That link has a lot of great info.

How to Eat on a Beans-and-Rice Budget when Your Husband Hates Beans – Bean Hater Husband in my house,too. I’m sure he’ll be ok but I do try to make some adjustments for himBeans-and-Rice-Budget

Poor to Rich a Day at a Time: Lentil Loaf -Lentil Loaf. Like meatloaf but cheaper.

A Life Beyond Money: How to Avoid Produce Waste -just some tips.

Homemade Pop Tarts from Once A Month Mom |  – Hey, I love pop tarts…I just don’t like all the preservatives & crap in them. I would probably use homemade pie crust for these (it’s not hard. i swear)
15 Minute Breakfast Pizza -cheap,easy & yumm-o