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Life is making rainbows

via Be.you.tiful❋.

Keep your chin up

via positive affirmations.   Also important to remember: lack of financial & career success and economic hardships don’t mean you’re a failure.  People use that amount in a bank account to determine wealth but… Continue reading

We’re having a Seed Party

The first thing my little one does when he wakes up in the morning is go to our “Seed Shelf”, a plastic yellow shelf my husband rescued from the garbage at a supermarket.… Continue reading

We’re stronger in the places we’ve been broken

via Calligraphy Sketchbook.   Sounds illogical but it’s true. Only applicable to people and not the broken handle of my favorite cup I’ve superglued 3 times now.

Let’s try that again

  This was me yesterday, constantly falling on my ass …both physically and symbolically. Today, I’m giving it another go. via Skeletor is Love.

3.29.14 Link Love: More support for Shanesha Taylor

News and thoughts from around the web….   If there were negative feelings about Shanesha Taylor’s situation the other day, the majority chose to keep it to themselves and spare me their vitriol… Continue reading

Jill’s Words: “I died that day as my family was ripped apart”

This picture showed up on my tumblr dashboard right after I’d finished reading all the new things in my inbox this morning. It feels like it belongs here. Today, I woke up to… Continue reading

bitches gotta have teeth

One of my favorite blogger/writers Samantha Irby has been talking about her dental issues lately and because the Internet is awesome, there’s now a gofundme because yeah…bitches gotta have teeth  . Reading Sam’s… Continue reading

Jenn’s Words: “Living in poverty is like being punched in the face over and over and over on a daily basis. “

Thank you to Jenn for sharing her personal story of living in poverty right now…. ================================================================================================================================================ Today, I did something I never thought I’d do. I yelled at my son for being hungry.… Continue reading

Food is a human right, not a privilege

The first time I experienced true hunger, I just went with it and hoped the answer to having no food would fall in my lap. Something would change. I was not about to… Continue reading