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“Fuck the Poor” – Paul Ryan

    No, not an actual quote from Paul. At least not publicly. This video is a social experiment conducted by The Pillion Trust Charity. I was way ahead of the punchline. I… Continue reading

3.25.14: The Republicans want MORE food stamp cuts

News,thoughts, and going-ons…   The Republicans have the balls to be asking for more cuts to SNAP. Yes,really. In this 5 minute segment, Bernie Sanders lays out the picture of poverty in the… Continue reading

SNAP cuts will stretch communities and challenge assumptions

Petition to the President to end hunger

When We Deliver Our Petition to the White House Will Your Name Be Included? – Bread Blog Next Wednesday, I will attend a meeting at the White House and hand-deliver Bread for the… Continue reading

Tianna Gaines-Turner’s testimony as a witness to hunger and Melissa Harris-Perry’s letter to Paul Ryan

I talked a little bit about Paul Ryan’s “War on Poverty” hearings here and the lack of real knowledge of poverty represented. Melissa Harris -Perry addresses exactly that and his committee’s refusal to allow… Continue reading

The War on Poverty…the war on the hungry (and other recent news bits)

Poverty in the news . One Wisconsin food stamp bill signed while a second remains stalled – That junk food bill Scott Walker introduced is flawed and therefore, faltering. with the new proposal that prohibits more… Continue reading