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How to cook seasonal winter vegetables (INFOGRAPHIC)

  via here: How to cook seasonal winter vegetables (INFOGRAPHIC). More than any other time of the year, winter is when people send me pictures of Mystery Food that was in their CSA or… Continue reading

ICYMI-Recipe & Thrifty/DIY Tips Round-Up: Understanding Seed Catalogs, Kitchen Grease Soap, making the most of produce and more….

Recipes,food,budgeting,thrifty tips…stuff you might have missed this past week. Save Cash and Eat Better With These 8 Tricks for Your Fruits and Veggies–   useful tips to make produce last longer Making Soap… Continue reading

Free Food:Abandoned CSA Shares

  I’ve talked a little bit here  on other social media about CSAs being a great source for local and inexpensive produce. Unfortunately, the input from many readers is that they either do… Continue reading

September In-Season Produce

  It’s such an fantastic time of the year for inexpensive produce. If you have the freezer space and canning equipment, it’s worth gathering extra and preserving some of the awesome bounty that… Continue reading

Kale Me Now.

I love kale. Not to be cool…I just really do. It’s super good for you AND it’s easy to grow. Because it’s easy to grow, if you join a CSA or any sort… Continue reading

What to do with mystery produce

This happens especially in the summer time. People email me  or message me on Facebook pictures of their most recent take home from their food pantry or CSA share. “I don’t even know… Continue reading