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Lunchtime Links: Fire Escape Gardening, using Garlic Mustard Greens, and dealing with canned tomatoes

Some good things to pass along today.   Link→  17 Tips For Starting Your Own Herb Garden. These are all great tips for small space gardening. The tip about buying seedlings versus seeds…might… Continue reading

Garden Update: New bean trellis made from 6-pack rings & a pair of crutches

So, I made this yesterday. My husband works at a large grocery store and he’s been saving 6-pack rings from the soda vendor when he comes to fill the machines. I attached them… Continue reading

Found my new garden sign…

via deforest: Katharine Hepburn photographed by John… – Bookoisseur. If something like this sign doesn’t work to get rid of my human garden pests, I quit. Or maybe we need to do something to… Continue reading

Garden Update: Urban Pest Control Solutions

I live next door to a bar. It has it’s issues. I happened to be awake because I was watching The Wolf of Wall Street ( which turns out is the longest movie… Continue reading

Lunchtime Links: Sprouts Food Rescue,The Garden Queen of Atlanta & creating food security in indigenous communities

Took a little bit of a break last week while all my kids were all home for Spring break. Back at it today. Hope everyone had a good holiday.   Nice video about… Continue reading

Starting Our New Garden

    There’s a reason I’m not a “lifestyle blogger”. I just like to show things the way they really are and sometimes it ain’t too purty. We had a 3 day summer… Continue reading

Ron Finley and guerrilla gardening in a food desert

When I wrote about why poor people can’t just grow their own food, Ron Finley came to mind as an example of people helping people to overcome these barriers I talked about. Ron Finley… Continue reading

Why “Grow Your Own Food!” Might Not Be So Easy For Poor People -Part 2

After publishing my last post about obstacles to gardening when you’re poor, I realized there were maybe one or two points I missed…but then I read my emails and discovered there was more… Continue reading