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Despite Our Saviour Gwyneth Paltrow, politicians are still being jerks to poor people

Ok, let’s get this over with before moving on to more important things. Gwyneth Paltrow went food shopping with $29 and pretending to be poor for a week. You might have heard about… Continue reading

Food Stamp News: SNAP Cuts Explained & Michigan’s new drug testing policy

A few weeks ago, you might have picked up on my annoyance at having to debunk rumors regarding food stamp policy changes and sensationalized articles about food assistance cuts. From now on, I will… Continue reading

Who gets food stamps?

via  newwavefeminism: bootyscientist: i promise to…. America’s hatred of welfare date back to politicians using a manufactured image of the black “welfare queen” to create collective hatred and harness that racist energy to get… Continue reading

Welfare is a Women’s Issue (1972) by Johnnie Tillmon

via OUR TIME Welfare is a Women’s Issue (1972) by Johnnie Tillmon I’m a woman. I’m a black woman. I’m a poor woman. I’m a fat woman. I’m a middle-aged woman. And I’m on… Continue reading

“Takes two to make three but one ain’t here…”

  via freedomfromwant Text:  When the job ended…and he left…she stayed     and used her small welfare check to make sure her kids grew up safe, healthy, and strong.  Who exactly are you… Continue reading

“Fuck the Poor” – Paul Ryan

    No, not an actual quote from Paul. At least not publicly. This video is a social experiment conducted by The Pillion Trust Charity. I was way ahead of the punchline. I… Continue reading

Do people using food stamps have to get info from the Internet instead of case workers?

It’s only 9 days into the brand new year and I have questions. My end of 2013 blog stats told me that What Can and Can’t Be Bought With Food Stamps was the… Continue reading

Mean People Suck: Tom Brower thinks he’s Captain Hammer, Walmart still treats their employees like crap, and other stupid stuff

This week, the Mean People who suck are also providing some comedy. Maybe it’s just me but I can’t help but laugh. It turns out that a lot of the time, mean people… Continue reading

What Can & Can’t Be Bought With Food Stamps & An EBT Card

  Infographic source unknown. Someone sent it to me from Pinterest. This infographic is a good rough guide to what you can and can’t buy with SNAP. I have a huge gripe with… Continue reading

Tianna Gaines-Turner’s testimony as a witness to hunger and Melissa Harris-Perry’s letter to Paul Ryan

I talked a little bit about Paul Ryan’s “War on Poverty” hearings here and the lack of real knowledge of poverty represented. Melissa Harris -Perry addresses exactly that and his committee’s refusal to allow… Continue reading