The McBudget

This is a sample budget given to McDonald’s workers . McDonald’s is openly saying, “You are going to have to get a second job.” At least they are recognizing how impossible it is to live on minimum wage in the U.S. That’s where the realism ends.

$600 for rent? I live in an itty-bitty small town and you can’t find a place to rent for that. Forget about the city.  I see they did include a car but no gas money. This hypothetical employee lives in a tropical climate where you don’t need heat but they must not be using the A/C too much. Not with that electric bill.

McDonald’s, for its part, charges employees $12.58 a week for the company’s most basic health plan.That’s if they’ve been with the company for a year.  But somehow, this employee has a $20 healthcare plan. I suppose at least they’re not using the Walmart health care plan (telling employees to go apply for Medicaid ). However, they are absolutely assuming that all their employees are going to be receiving food stamps. This is why they didn’t bother budgeting for food. They neglected to budget for groceries that SNAP will not pay for, like toilet paper and personal hygiene items. Clothing is optional,as well. Yay, nudist employees at McDonald’s!

Fighting the Urge has broken this down well.
(slightly adult language at the end of the post)

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