11 Meals for $50 and a little bit about Freezer Cooking


Freezer Meals Boot Camp – Freezer Meal Recipes in 3 Hours for about $50! | Lamberts Lately.


The recipes at the link above  are intended to be recipes for a freezer cooking day but they’re great, economical meals even if you’re not doing freezer cooking. If you’re not familiar with Freezer or Once A Month Cooking, it’s  just simply taking a day to cook a bunch of meals that you freeze ,then thaw and reheat throughout the month. Usually it’s a main course and then all you have to do is throw together an easy salad or side dish while it’s heating.  I found it to be really wonderful to do late in my pregnancy so there would be full meals ready to go during my post-partum “babymoon”.
When I have had time to do a once a month cooking day, it’s made life a lot easier. It’s like having convenience ,boxed meals but at the fraction of the cost and as healthy as you like them to be.

The disadvantages to freezer cooking is that it’s a little more difficult when you only have that tiny freezer on top of your fridge to store meals. Years ago, we scored a upright freezer for $30 at a yard sale and it was one of my best purchases ever made. If you’re struggling with not having enough food, a freezer can save your butt. When you find a good sale on produce and meat or have leftovers that can’t be used right away, freezing them can be a good food insurance for later. Sometimes on Freecycle or Craigslist , you will find freezers for completely free.

Freezer cooking can also be really hard when you have young children, especially babies. One of the tips those who usually give to people who have kids is to give them small jobs to keep them occupied and help. I found it easier just to send them out of the kitchen entirely! It was just easier for me personally to have a cooking day when my partner had a day off or someone else could help out.

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