How Wild Food Foraging Can Lower the Cost of Groceries

I know this isn’t possible for some people but if you have the time, physical ability and access, I highly recommend foraging. It was my Grandma who first taught me about foraging. I remember putting on jeans and a flannel shirt in the 95 degree summer heat to go berry picking. One of my best tips for wild berry foraging: dress like you’re living in Seattle, circa 1990. On one impromptu berry picking excursion last year, I wasn’t quote dressed for it and ended up looking like I’d been thrown into a cage with angry cats.

There is a map of public spaces free to forage on, in cities and rural areas. I think it will become more useful as people start adding more spots…. none of the sweet spots I know in my area are on the map. Map of Where To Forage

I’ve written about foraging a little bit on my other blogs…most recently this past Spring when my older kids went out and foraged ramps. The blackberries are just ripening now in my favorite picking spot, so I’ll probably do a post on  those soon. This was from last year:

originally on my post Garden Bounty

And I have no shame. I combined them with day-old packaged shortcakes that were super cheap for dessert