On my regular ol’ blog, I post often about music. I apply music to life and think of it as making up a soundtrack to my own life and the world’s consciousness. It would seem strange if I didn’t carry the music over to this blog, so once in a while, I’ll share some songs that apply to social justice or have perseverance of the human spirit at it’s core.

I don’t think enough people realize what a rabble-rouser Johnny Cash was. I always find it a little funny when Conservative leaning people embrace The Man in Black. My own Grandfather was a huge Cash fan. HUGE. But as much as I loved that guy and am grateful for the role he had in my life raising me, he was not what I would consider a compassionate man for much of his life. It wasn’t until the last 10 years of his life that I saw a lot of his hard stances on moochers and bums soften up quite a bit… mainly from witnessing my own experiences being ” beaten down, living on the hopeless,hungry side of town. ”

“The Man In Black” in particular is a great protest song. A lot of protest songs are angry and ranty but not so much this one. It simply and casually speaks about human compassion for others who are often vilified and a firm statement of solidarity.


Another great moment in Cash protest songs: When Johnny Cash Met Richard Nixon






I do not know the artist who did this great illustration of the lyrics. If anyone knows, give them a shout out.