Teach Me How To Breast Feed [VIDEO]

Urban Matriarch made this awesome video, inspired by women she has helped breastfeed and her own breastfeeding experience.

I want to just say a few things about breastfeeding and formula to make it totally clear what my intentions are here, now and in future blog posts.

I am a “lactivist”. I support and encourage breastfeeding. I’ve breastfed 6 children. I’m still nursing a toddler. I love breastfeeding. In terms of how it applies to folks struggling with food security, it is totally applicable. Breastfeeding is a free and secure resource that ensures a baby gets the nourishment he or she needs, no matter how much money is in Mama’s bank account or SNAP budget… or if there’s a misstep in the stat’s management of WIC funds and their program is shut down.

But I’ve also had to use formula. Maybe “had to” isn’t the right wording. I had no support while breastfeeding preemie twins and it was a stressful, frustrating process I could not work through alone. Maybe if I had the support, I could have done it but that’s not the way it worked out. So, in the neat labeling system that happens within the Mamahood, I have been a Formula Feeding Mom. So, I know the crap people can give you for not breastfeeding.

I’m not into the judging thing here. I’m into being an advocate. If you feed your baby formula, don’t take anything pro-breastfeeding here as a personal criticism of your choice. I am sure there will be opportunities here to talk about formula feeding,too. When it comes to being an advocate for mothers and children living below the poverty line, it’s important to me to advocate for ALL mothers, no matter how they chose to feed their baby. I think that’s what being an advocate for women & mothers  (feminism,humanism,etc) should look like,anyway.

Teach Me How To Breast Feed [MUSIC VIDEO] – YouTube.

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