The Good Stuff: Good news on poverty, food stamp fraud is so low it’s not worth mentioning (yet I just did),and other signs not everyone is with the war on the poor.

I need a better, catchier title for these link round-ups.

  • The Kalamazoo Loaves and Fishes has been hosting a community wide SNAP challenge. Participants have left some comments on the blog relaying their experiences during the challenge. –KLF SNAP Challenge blog
  • Kalamazoo Mayor Bobby Hopewell participated in the SNAP challenge and tweeted about it.  –Twitter Image
  • That Bono. Man, I did love him when I was in 8th grade. The first few U2 albums…Boy , War… those ones. Raw and gritty. A bit rebellious. I really loved that stuff. Bono and I haven’t always seen eye to eye since then, so watching this was hard. I found myself nodding in agreement with him while simultaneously wanting to kick him in the shins. In this TED talk  (aren’t TED talks some of the best things ever?), Bono talks about the good news on poverty. Declining rates with a progression to stay that way if we don’t screw it up. Which e will but you know…
  • I’ve made it personal policy to not address food stamp fraud because the number is so low. Although Conservatives are stating that SNAP fraud is up 30%….  the good news is that it’s still only 1.3% . Like, der. The Weekly Standard Accidentally Makes The Case For Food Stamps
  • Bernie Sanders…working to get the minimum wage raised so families don’t have to struggle so much. Because he gets that it isn’t just teenagers who are working at minimum wage.
    Fullscreen capture 8232013 82814 AM
  • 8 people who fight hunger for a living link
  • The secret to one high-poverty school districts success. (nope, not school reform )
  • “People think everyone who is poor gets welfare, and it’s just not true” – myth debunking and some facts about who is getting welfare
  • At food pantries, some find reasons to stay positive – slideshow
  • A Chicago high school is using real life scenarios people in poverty face to teach math –link

Thanks to Jill for leaving this on the Facebook page.

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