Negotiating a Garden Makeover When You Rent

I’ve talked here before about one of the obstacles some people face to growing their own food being the lack of land that they own and not being given permission to garden on rented property.  AO at Home Blog has a lovely post where she shares her garden in a rented space.

The negotiating tactic here was simply that she asked her landlord for permission, promising to do all the work if he payed for the materials.

I like to hope that most landlords would be so amenable . I think most logical people could see a garden as being a benefit to their property.

Now, where we rent right now, I never asked.  I just went ahead and did it. We’ve lived here long enough that it would be impossible that they don’t know by now  that we have a garden yet they’ve never said anything. In the past, I’ve lived in apartment buildings where it specified in the lease that there not be a garden and my stays there were never long enough to bother protesting it.
I think if I were to ask a landlord for permission to garden, I would try to present it in the most glowing,radiant light ever. I would explain what I envision the space becoming and talk it up to be subtle and not bothering anyone, YET beneficial and beautiful to everyone. I would offer to share some veggies as a perk. I think I probably might even throw out there the financial detail of how gardening can put food on your own table so there’s more cash security to help  get the rent paid on time. Maybe not exactly those words but the general idea.

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