Mean People Suck: The ‘teaching moments’ hungry kids provide and this week’s edition of Food Stamp Judging



Here is what I have learned recently: When someone uses air quotes to talk about teachable moments and hungry kids, they are probably about to say something that makes them look like an asshole. 1238805_639128502786968_87384968_n

See? I say the bunny ear/airquotes coming out and the FOX logo behind this dude’s head and found me a teaching moment. This guy is an asshole.

This guy is Thomas Kersting, a psychotherapist and school counselor. So-called. I’m thinking if he actually practices, he inflicts more trauma than he resolves. The issue he’s talking about here is whether or not schools should throw out a kids’ lunch if they don’t have money to pay for it.

One of my favorite people on Facebook who calls out assholes like this is Lady Influenza. First, she called him out…

…and then encouraged people to file a complaint against him with the State Board of Marriage and Family Therapy Examiners .

WELL DONE. I am all over this kind of activism.

Following the start of the school year, there were a couple other douchey conservatives who offered commentary about Boston and other schools providing free meals to ALL children ,regardless of children.  Something along the lines of what that guy from West Virginia said last year when the state was rolling out their free meal program. I can’t remember their names and it doesn’t matter…I’m sure another one will pop up next week to say equally Dickensian statements. It’s the cool thing to do if you’re an asshole conservative.

Also, this week’s edition in Food Stamp Judging comes a story from Minneapolis:

Food Stamp Recipient Writes Epic Letter After Being Harshly Treated and Judged By Customer

It’s a rule of mine to NOT read comments on the Internet. Self-preservation of my sanity is the goal here. For whatever reason I did for this , in a few different places and I found lots of compassion and empathy! Shocking. BUT…cynical bitch that I am…I could not help wondering if this outpouring of sincere apologies on behalf of mankind would have been the same if the woman writing the letter herself was a food stamp recipient and not her disabled son.  There are countless accounts from food stamp recipients on the Internet of food stamp judging and I never see quite this reaction , except from other people who are or have been on SNAP and know what this is like.

Quite often, Food Stamp Judging is dismissed as not that horrible…get over it… quit complaining…if you’re going to take the government’s money, you need to deal with some consequences. BLAH BLAH BLAH.

There are even people who have tried to tell me that food stamp judging doesn’t exist. People on food stamps are just feeling guilty and paranoid.

If it wasn’t a real thing, then Conservative/Tea Bagger websites and message boards wouldn’t have pictures of what each state’s EBT card looks like for easy identification of a SNAP recipient in the store. They are targeting people who get food stamps with the purpose of harassing them.

So,no…it’s not imaginary and weirdly, it isn’t just dumbass Conservatives who do it. People who get food stamps do it to other people who get food stamps. Seriously. How stupid. For fuck’s sake, just stop it,everybody.

3 thoughts on “Mean People Suck: The ‘teaching moments’ hungry kids provide and this week’s edition of Food Stamp Judging

  1. Awesome post! Absolutely brilliant. It reminded me of a terrible story I read in the press in the UK this week about a 4 year old boy who died after being abused by his parents and starved. He was seen scavenging for food at school – I guess he didn’t have his own lunch. Was that a life lesson for him? Obviously not. If kids don’t have lunch as school, something should be done. Kids shouldn’t go hungry.

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