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Why you should give money to your food bank

Back before I had a kid and a blog, we lived in another state. It was a state plagued–then as now–by a high poverty rate.

I was at a point in my life when good fortune and a lot of hard work had placed me in a community leadership position. Through that endeavor came an invitation to join several charity boards.

I chose to work with the local food bank because, to my way of thinking, food security was the underpinning issue for all kinds of things troubling our community: poor student achievement, slack regional economic growth, and rising healthcare cost woes.

At a lunch meeting with a prominent, well-respected older gentleman—someone whom I considered a personal mentor, I shared my enthusiasm for the new food bank board position.

“Why did you choose the food bank?”

“Because I believe that food insecurity is a real problem that we need to…

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