The Good Stuff: A Couple of Politicians Who Don’t Suck

Hey, I like when big House votes happen on issues that matter to me. It helps me categorize politicians into the Against Us and On Our Side file folders in my brain.

Jim McGovern has held residency in the On Our Side category for awhile now. His #endhungernow speeches make me realize that this man probably feels a lot like I do: regurgitating the same information over and over and over again , in an effort to undo false information that Republicans fabricate about social welfare programs designed to help low income families. But the major thing that makes me love Jim McGovern is his assertion that we can end hunger, it’s a matter of political will that we choose not to.

The day after the vote, he expressed how offensive the outcome was. Because human being,you know?

I just think this guy gets it and he has been consistently fighting for poor folks who need to eat.
We out to have another 'war on poverty.' We should articulate the goal that no one should suffer from hunger. - Rep. Jim McGovern, co-chair House Hunger Caucus


Last week, Jackie Speier gave examples of the food expense allowance of some members of Congress, provided to them via taxpayer dollars. Some of these representatives are allowed $150/day for food. To use my own situation to put this in perspective, my SNAP allowance right now is $3/day per person. Less than $100/month.  And hell, I can’t even get vodka with that money!
Not that I would or am I saying that anyone should be allowed to buy alcohol with their food stamps. I actually don’t think anyone should be able to buy alcohol with tax dollars, most especially congressional reps who aren’t doing a whole lot to earn their salaries, let alone foodie perks.

Listen to Jackie Speier here try to talk some shame into the leeches.


It’s too bad that pretty much nothing the good politicians say can make their colleagues have a similar sense of humanity and shame but I love them for trying.










One thought on “The Good Stuff: A Couple of Politicians Who Don’t Suck

  1. To put this into perspective also, the last time I worked for a company where I traveled & got a per diem, I got ~$25 a day for food. So I was required to travel, put up in a room that had no kitchen facilities (thus unable to cook for myself and HAD to eat out) and still only got $25 for the full day.

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