Thrift Score: Belated Back-to-School Clothes

We didn’t have any extra cash to do back to school clothes shopping last month, and my three girls really needed some new stuff.

How cute is their sign? SO cute.
How cute is their sign? SO cute.

Hooray for the annual Presbyterian Mission rummage sale!

Or if we lived across the pond…a church jumble!

I look forward to this sale every year. So much great stuff for next to nothing.
The first day of the sale, my 12 year old said she wanted-needed sweaters. She scored 3 gorgeous sweaters (she will not model them. I asked) , and I found various other things…a dress, a skirt, some t-shirts,kids’ clothes…. for the bargain price of $13.

I could not buy the yarn to knit one of the sweaters for $13.

The ladies at check out were all kinds of wonderful. They would consider the brand label when tossing out a price at me. “Oh, this is a Gap shirt. $2, maybe? Or is that too much?”
There was the tiniest pinprick of a snag on something (I seriously don’t even notice it), and the lady checking out deemed it to be only worth 50¢. I think that first day of the sale, the most I paid for any one item was $3 and that was the dress I got.

Saturday was the best day, though. Saturday was “Fill a Bag for $3” day.
My teenagers and I filled 3 bags. We went home with this:


I’m not  someone who cares about brand names and stuff but there were some really good ones in there. My teenagers  don’t care,either (hallelujah!). When they’re picking out clothes secondhand (honestly, the only way we shop at all for clothing),they’re looking for something that reflects their personal style, not a label.

So, I spent $22 total at this one rummage sale on clothes for one tween, two teenagers, myself, my two boys ,AND also managed to grab some things to donate to my local teen mamas. It was a pretty excellent score.

3 thoughts on “Thrift Score: Belated Back-to-School Clothes

  1. The other day I was about to spend a ridiculous 69 bucks on one pair of shoes. Then I thought better of it. So I went to the PTA Thrift in my town instead. I got 6 pairs of shoes, 5 sweaters, 3 shirts, some pants, some things for my garden…

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