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This article won’t be a scream-fest, sorry. Having said that, no one cares about your J Crew packages and it’s the job of government to determine general wealth distribution via taxation in the US, not moralizing ranters. Nico, Kate, this article isn’t aimed at you. It’s aimed at the recurring argument itself.

This week, both Nico Lang and Kate Menendez let fly regarding their thoughts on monetary privilege (aka money) and numerous commenters dove in to choose sides. What I noted, besides the number of people that now seem to hate Kate, was that there was pretty much zero discussion of any objective standard of what people with or without money actually do with their money and the entire discussion of tax policy was completely avoided.

These two articles basically constituted a “battle of the anecdotes.” That’s fine, sure, we’ve all got our own experiences. Mine is split right down…

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