20 Delicious Ways To Use Beans and Save Money

20 delicious ways to use beans and save money

from The Nourishing Gourmet

I use a lot of beans for meals. They’re a cheaper and sometimes better source of protein than meat. A lot of people tell me they have never cooked beans before or that they just don’t like them. In my childhood, I ate a lot of foods that I grew up thinking I hated only to find out in adulthood that I actually love them – they just weren’t cooked the “right” way when I had them. I’m fairly convinced this is the case with many people and beans. Or as she says in the post at the link, they’ve been in boring recipes. Rice & beans done wrong or baked beans from a can come to mind.

Beans are incredibly versatile. If your recipe calls for meat, there is always a bean that will substitute well.
Also, #20 on the list …Chickpea Bread…. using chickpeas or chickpea flour to bake with is a great gluten-free alternative.

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