Being a Poor Woman In America

I’m unashamedly letting info-graphics do my post for me today. I fall into the category of being one of these women. They can speak for me without needed me to add words.

[via 18 Facts About Women and Poverty in the United States]

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8 thoughts on “Being a Poor Woman In America

  1. Being a single mother and dependent on govt. handouts is more of a personnel choice that affected females make. If it were up to me those females receiving public assistance – a share of my hard eared money stolen from my paycheck at the point of a gun by our govt. and then redistributed to lazy bums – of any kind would be required to perform some sort of community service – picking up trash along the interstate highways, janitorial work etc. – 8 hrs a day six days a week. No exceptions and no excuses allowed either work or go without!

  2. WOW! Sorry poorasfolk that such a comment was left here. Probably the intention of the poster to stir things up here. You do such a great job of sharing and commenting on issues related to poverty-parenting-low income etc. You are a great resource for those that know poverty and are experiencing it, as well as for those that have an open mind and want some perspective, and ya’ know may want to learn something!

    Seriously it looks like someone cut and pasted this from rush Limbaugh’s site.

    Please keep up the good work you do here!

  3. Ahhhh, yeah…. I just shake my head now at those kinds of comments. If it’s a sincere comment not meant just to troll, it just shows a lot of ignorance and disconnect from real world situations.

  4. If they work for free 8 hours a day…when do they work for pay and raise their child? Thoughtless and mean people should have to volunteer more…might help them soften as they witness the other side – Unfortunately the crew they’d be helping may suffer at the other end, guess it’s a no win. Suppose we’ll always be putting up with folks who insist it’s wrong to help others out of kindness, not expectation.

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