I’m pretty impressed with Will Allen and his organization Growing Power.

He had a few acres of land in Milwaukee and turned it into a farm in 1993. Growing Power now consists of six greenhouses, an apiary with 14 beehives, two aquaponics hoop houses ,250 chickens, and a few dozen goats. In that space, organic and non-GMO food is grown with the idea in mind that it’s accessible and affordable for everyone. The farm also serves as an educational “idea factory” and living classroom where people can learn about acid-digestion, anaerobic digestion for food waste, bio-phyto remediation and soil health, aquaculture closed-loop systems, vermiculture, small and large scale composting, urban agriculture, permaculture, food distribution, marketing, value-added product development, youth education, community engagement, participatory leadership development, and project planning.

Not only is Growing Power proving that small farms can be productive and practical, the farm is dedicated to food justice and breaking through barriers the factory farm and food industry have created to making healthy food accessible for those with low incomes.

 via Growing Power’s Facebook page