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TAKE Action on the “King Amendment”

Contact your Senators and US Representative and tell them not to allow the “King Amendment” in the Farm Bill. This is  not only a food safety issue but also a state’s rights issue and animal welfare issue. Representative Steve King, (Iowa) has a long history of working to stifle animal protection laws, is trying to weaken state animal protection measures through an amendment to the 2013 Farm Bill

The so-called “King Amendment” (Sec. 11312 of H.R. 2642)  has already passed the House and is therefore under consideration as the conference committee seeks to reconcile the House and Senate versions of the Farm Bill. If the amendment is allowed to stand and is adopted into law, it will disrupt advancements that have been made in animal protection throughout the country.

Some of the State laws include those that stop shark finning, horse…

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