The Poverty Threshold and The Poverty Line

Andy Warner explains in comic form what the poverty threshold is, what it’s like to be poor in America and then follows up with an explanation of what the poverty line is and why it’s outdated.



One thought on “The Poverty Threshold and The Poverty Line

  1. This is a great post and very informative. The only thing I would like to add, is this: Just because your above the poverty line doesn’t mean you’re living tolerably, it just means you’re surviving. Because it is an arbitrary number, those just above it are technically no better off than those just below. Some may even be worse off due to loss of benefits. They lose food stamps, health insurance, child care and housing subsidies etc. representing thousands of dollars, and yet aren’t making the difference back in income until further above the line. It’s sad state of affairs, and something definitely needs to be done.

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