ICYMI-Recipe & Thrifty/DIY Tips Round-Up: Understanding Seed Catalogs, Kitchen Grease Soap, making the most of produce and more….

Recipes,food,budgeting,thrifty tips…stuff you might have missed this past week.

Save Cash and Eat Better With These 8 Tricks for Your Fruits and Veggies–   useful tips to make produce last longer

Making Soap from Kitchen Grease « Little House in the Suburbs- I know it sounds gross but it’s the reason my Grandma saved all her grease in a can by the stove. Ultimate recycling.

What To Buy In The Month Of January – How I Pinch A Penny- maybe this helps,maybe it doesn’t. Poor is poor and a lot of times that means there is no money to buy anything, even if it’s cheap but… if you have some extra jingle and need some things, these things are cheaper in January.

How to De-Gas Beans – Whole New Mom– It doesn’t say it but…the longer How to De-Gas Beans. This REALLY works! Find out how to take the gas out of beans and make sure you don't end up "gassing" everyone else out after eating a bean-filled meal!you soak the beans, the less gassier they will be. Hey, when you eat a lot of beans, every tip helps.

Meal Planning and Keeping a Stocked Pantry-Doing this instead of meal planning works best for some people. It can be hard for those with low income/SNAP budgets to have a well stocked pantry sometimes,though. I do a bit of both. I have to do a lot of shopping at once because we don’t have a car and if someone is offering a ride, that’s the time to get groceries…ALL the groceries …but in that context,I would only buy the fresh produce we could use in that week and make sure the rest was either frozen (or freezable) or canned/dry goods.

Parsnip Fritters – I’m betting CSA members have parsnips they need to figure out what t do with…

So many NY apples, but not enough storage -My state, so probably not applicable everywhere but right now in NY, apples are cheaper because of piss-poor planning. Overproduction, lack of storage. Shameful the lack of waste associated with this.

To Peel or Not to Peel?– Literally just what it says. Which veggies are worth taking the time to peel or not.

How-to: Shopping in a Wheelchair – not budgety or anything but helpful for anyone new to shopping while in a wheelchair.
How to Choose the Best Seeds for your Garden: Understanding Seed Catalogs-The one thing (the only thing) I love about January is the arrival of seed catalogs in mailbox.
This video is really,really good if you’re a newbie to gardening and trying to figure out what kind of seeds to buy or swap for. I like the tips on organizing your seed stash,too. I’m a terrible seed hoarder. I need to get better at organizing them.

Eat All Your Vegetables: How to Use Stems and Roots- use ALL your veggies.


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