on the Facebook page, I’ve been scheduling a little motivation or affirmation for first thing in the morning every day. Some people really like this but Facebook can be kind of a jerk and keeps people from seeing them all the time on their feed ,so someone asked if perhaps I could found them up into a post once a week.

I aim to please.
This one round-up has a lot in it. I went back several week to collect them all. Whew.


Emotional Support Bunny believes in you.

It really bugs the crap out of some people when you act like you don’t give a damn what they think about you.That’s enough to keep me not reacting to their nonsense.

Some people are just really good at looking like they’ve got their shit together.

As all good humans are.

Their opinion isn’t what matters. Don’t let it become a self-fulfilling-prophecy .

This Steve Maraboli guy has good things to say.
This one is especially important to me.

This one is for the people here who are trying to make this journey while being a little bit broken.

Sometimes that’s the best way to do it. Nothing wrong with that.

If you’re not a terrible person but you’re feeling down on yourself, I’ll go ahead and say this for you right now:
“You’re not a terrible person.”

You’re probably stronger than you think.

Don’t. Give. Up.

I reject the idea that, “Being poor is the result of making poor choices.” Poverty is way too complex to simplify it like that (and it ain’t even half true).
But hey…sometimes, there are parts of it we did create and that stuff…you have to own it. Owning the mess you made is the first step in figuring out how to clean it up.
(Thanks, Skeletor is Love for the motivation )

I really can’t express enough how much I love all of you amazing people in the Poor as Folk community here. Please take care of yourself. You’re  all very important to me

Personal truth here…
My husband gets very frustrated with me in very hard times when I just keep saying, “Everything will be ok.”
In the end, we get through the crisis and everything does turn out ok, so if telling yourself this avoids panic and falling apart, do it. Say it 50 times a day if you have to.

“we rise by lifting others”
It’s one of my favorite quotes.

Being poor sucks and can make you feel craptastically depressed . Some days ,getting the little things done are medal worthy.
via http://heymonster.tumblr.com/post/72373797818/ok-having-depression-or-any-kind-of-mood-disorder

Negative people drain your soul. Get away from them.
Found this via The Other 98%

Love this.
via Feel Driven

Do it for you.

We’re all connected and we all matter in the grand scheme of things.


Right? Right.