ICYMI: Snap Cuts round-up, living on minimum wage, the “bootstrap myth” and a lot more.

Lots of things in this “In Case you Missed It” post. I think there’s a couple week’s worth of  stuff to put here.  I have had computer issues but even now that I have all that resolved, I’m sharing my laptop with 3 teenage daughters who need to do projects for school and such. We’re using our Taxmas money (aka tax refund) to get them their own laptops. My twins are juniors in high school and they definitely need to have better access to computers , so hopefully that will happen soon.
(Please don’t even remind me of all the things they’ll need the year after when they BOTH go to college. I have panic attacks just thinking about it. )

So,soon….fingers crossed….  I’ll be back into the regular  blogging swing of things! Real things besides wrap ups of Facebook posts. Every day ,my list of Things I Need To Blog About gets longer and longer.  When it gets shorter and shorter, I guess that will be a sign that the world is changing.


SNAP and Food Banks

thought I’d put these articles in their own grouping,since there’s so many things

Farm Bill Passes House With $8 Billion in Food-Stamp Cuts – $8B over the next 10 years.

Food Stamp Cuts, Cold Weather Put Extra Strain On Food Pantries – This was written BEFORE  the latest SNAP cut.
Hey, this means we’ll never run out of things to talk about here,right?

Antihunger Groups Reject SNAP Cuts in the New Farm Bill -“Additional tweaks to SNAP prevent college students, undocumented immigrants, and lottery winners from receiving food assistance, while new job-training pilot programs are being touted as a way to encourage the nearly 48 million recipients to look for work—never mind that more than half of recipients are already working during any given month they receive benefits.”

Food Bank For New York City –  Margarette Purvis’ statement on the President signing the Farm Bill into law.
“This Farm Bill reauthorization could have – and should have – been an opportunity to strengthen and protect our nation’s safety net against hunger, especially at a time when one in seven households across our country struggles to afford food. It is a profound failure of leadership that instead produced today’s outcome: a Farm Bill that takes more than half its “savings” off the plates of struggling families.”

America’s Food Stamp Student Body– “Apart from of the obvious social consequences, food insecurity has been associated with depression, stress, poor academic performance and poor physical health, which only compounds the effort needed to advance oneself in this intensely competitive economy. Poor students may also be too scared to seek help, for fear of public reproach.”

Today’s #EndHungerNow speech from Congressman Jim McGovern …speaking about #SNAPcuts, growing food insecurity, childhood hunger, and the importance of addressing inequality that creates poverty, which causes hunger.
AGAIN, “We CAN end hunger in America, we just don’t have the political will to do it.”
I can’t tell you how many times I have heard this man say those words and I still appreciate it every time. Now some other members of Congress need to start listening & acting.

all for egg cartons from High Plains Food Bank in Amarillo…but no matter where you are, might be a good idea to contact your local food bank & find out if they have similar needs.
WE NEED YOUR HELP: on average it costs us $4,500 to purchase egg cartons. Your donations saves us this amount. This photo is the last of our egg cartons inventory. Please donate your empty cartons at the food bank. #gogreen
1/3: Hunger Relief Specialty License Plate Now Available – In Arizona, you can get a special hunger relief license plate. Of the $25 it costs, $17 of it goes to Arizona food banks.
Of course, if you’re really interested in helping food banks, contactAssociation of Arizona Food Banks nd see what you can do to help locally .

Articles and Thoughts

I didn’t even know I had bootstraps *looks down at heavily worn,secondhand bought combat boots*
This is from this article : http://bit.ly/Louh8C
It’s from 2012 but can’t say much has changed. These are still myths a lot of people believe about poor people.

Houston-area mentor pays delinquent lunch accounts of more than 60 kids – with the number of schools denying children meals at school, this guy is a hero

On The Blog: I’m A Member Of The American ‘Used-To-Haves’ -How the USA is eliminating the Middle Class and making more “Poor as Folk”

Voices of 2015 – These are the voices of girls around the world who live in poverty. They also have dreams and hopes.
Check out The Girl Effect

Angry Residents Protest Mayor’s Decision To Crackdown On Homelessness With Torches, Pitchforks – Stay fierce, Portland.

How Poverty Burdens the Brain [Infogfraphic] –    Another thing that made me say, “I coulda told you that.” It’s true. I feel like i used to be smart and better at keeping my shit together. I don’t think I can blame it all on that rumor that you lose brain cells when you have babies.

Jailed, for Being Poor – COLORLINES– ” A new Human Rights Watch report estimates that private probation companies in the state of Georgia, for example, collect a minimum of $40 million in fines, annually. Clients are typically charged with misdemeanors, like Thomas Barrett, who pled guilty to shoplifting a $2 can of beer. After failing to pay the $200 criminal fine, Barrett racked up more than $1,000 in extra fees to his probation company. So he was jailed.”

As if Citigroup has not not had more than its slice of the economy already, one in three bank tellers in the United States need public assistance of some kind. If you are in New York City tomorrow, Tuesday, February 18th, join the Committee for Better Banks at 10:30 am at Citigroup Headquarters, 388 Greenwich, Manhattan.

Read More: http://occupywallst.org/forum/1-3-bank-tellers-need-public-assistance/ —

Not making ends meet on a minimum wage job? Get a second minimum wage job!
Nope. Not that easy.

Catholics urged to aid needy with heating bills – From my local news : the Catholic Charities here are a valuable asset to helping poor community members. They’ve had to turn away over 300 families this winter who need help paying heating bills.

Can You Live on the Minimum Wage? – Well, this is fun. An interactive calculator to figure out if you can live on minimum wage where you live.
According to this, we/I need to work another job at least 16 hrs/week (which in our case would likely mean having to pay for daycare during those hours, which would negate any wage earned).

8 Ways Being Poor Is Wildly Expensive in America– always good to reiterate these points

One thought on “ICYMI: Snap Cuts round-up, living on minimum wage, the “bootstrap myth” and a lot more.

  1. Sorry folks – I don;t think anything is going to fix the poor in the western world – yes, the UK and Cda are in the same boat. The global right wing cabal who prop up the corporations, banks and filthy rich to become richer and more powerful wants us dirt poor so they can do what they have been doing to the 3rd world countries for a century.- complete subjugation for resources, markets and laws/policies that ensure the sustainability of their evil practices and reduction of world populations. Unless we get the majority of people here in the west to stop believing the mainstream propaganda machine (tv, radio, newspapers), stop pointing fingers at our neighbors (and the bootstrap mentality) and get together under one big umbrella protest group (eg occupy) we have no hope. BTW, Ontario Cda is wanting to privatize a pile of health care services within the hospitals. Check out Council of Cdns or SEIU for meetings regarding such or how to get involved in campaigns. We cannot lose anymore of our health care system. Its never going to end folks until we wake up and ban together. Eventually it will hit you, the middle class.

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