Library Loot: Feb 26th to March 4th

On a fairly regular basis on my personal blog, I used to participate in a  blog hop called Library Loot a weekly event co-hosted by Claire fromThe Captive Reader and Linda from Silly Little Mischief that encourages bloggers to share the books they’ve checked out from the library.  I think I’ll start doing it here from time to time because I do think libraries are very relevant to poor folks. We’ve already talked here about how the library is a valuable resource for Internet services but obviously, it’s great for other stuff ,too.

I used this  How Much Money Does Your Library Save You? calculator  . Now, “save” isn’t exactly correct because I don’t usually have money to spend on books,movies, classes,and any other things the library offers. But according to the calculator, if I were purchasing or paying for these items or services, it works out to be about $20,000 a year. Not just for me by myself,of course. That accounts for our whole family of 7.

Yeah, we use the library a lot.
We pay it forward a little by donating our used books to the bi-annual book sales and in the past, I’ve helped out with some of the children’s programming. I literally visit my library 5 days a week. As a treat, my son goes there after school sometimes to play the wii (we don’t have game systems at home) or just to hang out with his friend and play Pokemon or do lego builds at one of the tables.  Plus, they have a magazine exchange shelf that I frequently check and contribute copies to. I really love magazines but don’t have money to subscribe to my favorites. It’s like winning the lottery when I find copies of Brain, Child , PasteMother Earth News (and all sorts of other gardening/homesteading mags), Mother Jones, and on and on. I end up reading a lot of magazines I would have never even thought of reading before just because they’re there.

I just love my library,ok?

So, this is a sampling of what we have out right now from the library:

I intended to do reviews for all of these that we read on Goodreads (if you’re there, you can follow me here ) but considering I started the draft for this post on Monday evening… yeah, I haven’t gotten to it yet.
There’s a few not in the picture because they were in different rooms of the house and I forgot about them. Poor excluded books.

I will probably do a review separately of the Sweet Potato Lovers Cookbook with gratuitous food & recipe pics.

The one huge disappointment here was Sherlock. It’s Season 3, which I haven’t seen yet. But silly me wasn’t paying attention and grabbed the Bluray copy. We don’t have a Blu-ray player, so that didn’t do me much good.
Well, we do have a Blu-ray player but it’s way old and doesn’t play blu-ray discs anymore, only dvds.

My little guy’s favorite book this week was Nino Wrestles the World by Yuyi Morales.   





Here’s a video of the author reading it. She reads it MUCH better than I do. My Spanish is quite awful, even though I took 4 years of it in high school and Spanish is my step-children’s native language, so it’s used often around me. Something tells me my 3 year old will speak better Spanish than I do before too long.

So, that’s just a quickie look at some of our Library Loot this week. Yay, libraries!


parting shot from my little "helper"
parting shot from my little “helper”



7 thoughts on “Library Loot: Feb 26th to March 4th

  1. I love our local library. It’s so much more than books! Movies, computers, activities. The library is a wonderful place.
    I should pick up that sweet potato cookbook. I’m always looking for more sweet potato recipes.

  2. I love libraries! Henry David Thoreau said that we should make use of our libraries instead of buying new books. He was very frugal and thought there was much unnecessary cutting of trees. There is so much at our local library—computers, movies, audio books, magazines, and they even offer classes for free so one can learn to knit. There are many programs for children that are free also which gives kids a chance to meet new friends and explore the world of books without costing the parents an arm and a leg. And on cold winter day it is nice to sit in the library surrounded by books and just relax and read. Our library has a “free” table as you walk in the door. There are discontinued books,magazines and movies there for the taking. We donate our old books to the free table. And in the summer there is the bag sale—all you can put in a bag for a dollar or two. It is one of the few “free” things left. My goal is to be able to donate generously to our library. It does cost for electricity and to pay employees and general upkeep. I would encourage everyone to spend time at the library. A whole new world of things opens up

    1. Yep, ours has a free box,too! People put all sorts of goodies in there.
      They even put the falling apart books in there for crafters to use instead of throwing them in the recycling bin.

  3. Libraries are amazing. I love to take my daughter, though she’s still in the phase where she just grabs things off the shelf and hands them to me. Then, when we get home, she has zero interest in reading any of those books! I’m a sucker for cookbooks, myself. I rarely actually use any of the recipes, but I love to read them.

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