ICYMI: NY’s ‘heat and eat’ program, the drought & food banks,Dick Cheney hates food stamps,and PAF on Twitter



SNAP Cuts? What SNAP Cuts? Governors Are Gaming the Farm Bill -”

“New York is one of 17 states that practiced what’s called “heat and eat”: The state pays a nominal heating oil subsidy through the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program to residents receiving food assistance, making them automatically eligible for more food stamp benefits. In the past, there was no minimum amount of assistance that a household had to receive to become eligible for a higher amount of SNAP dollars—some states would pay just $1 to boost a family’s food stamp benefits.

Closing what critics refer to as a loophole in the 2014 farm bill was one of Congress’ principal means of cutting $8 billion from the nutrition assistance program. The new legislation requires that households receive a minimum of $20 of heating assistance to qualify for additional SNAP benefits.”

A letter to Dick Cheney about the military and food stamps – “Mr. Cheney, I don’t imagine you or Gov. Jindal would criticize the president “focusing” on our veterans on food stamps. Or our veterans living on minimum wage – though they are part of those groups just the same.

“Yet you seem to think you can smear President Obama by associating him with a group of Americans disfavored in your political imagination – regardless of the data. Maybe you think that passes as weighing in on public policy.”

Texas Officers Make Contest Out Of Collecting Homeless People’s Signs- Someone who is local passed the story along to me last week. A church was letting homeless people make a “tent city” on a lot and serving the needs of the people there. Police decided to evict them on one of the coldest days there, while it was snowing. (for fun,I guess) Then officers made a game out of taking signs away from the homeless men. They also confiscated items, never logged them in to evidence and kept them for themselves.
Three days suspension WITH pay was the “reprimand”. ”

Life’s Journey: Why are they so angry? – Why ARE the poor haters so angry?
From what I observe, many have very myopic thinking on the subject and limited experiences. They have a narrative in their head that cannot be changed. They make A LOT of assumption, never considering individual variables – disability,geography, majorly life-changing event…whatever. They can’t see it.
Bubble-Privilege Mindset.

I can’t even be mad at those people anymore. I just shake my head. They sound like fools, and the more they rant, the more ridiculous they sound.

Drought Impacting Food Banks– Most of the produce donated to food banks is “below market standards” from farmers (meaning, the fruit or veggie isn’t uniform in size, maybe has a spot, is funny looking in shape,etc). When droughts limit productivity,growers then need to sell this produce to “value” markets instead of donating.Many food banks are struggling as it is…the drought has potential to make this worse.

Republican poor-mouthing– These guys aren’t good at the maths.
Well, or compassion,either.

46.5 million critical reasons to see poverty’s devastation– Eloquent as always, Deborah Bryan has great insight here into what keeps people from understanding what poverty looks like , how imagining and pretending what it might be like doesn’t give you quite the same understanding as actually living in it.

How Giving Back Can Change Your Life – Oh,goodness. While I was listening to the audio, something got in my eye.

“But for Welfare” by Stephen Ewen
Thanks to Occupy Posters for the graphic

Beyond Bars asks,”Isn’t denying people basic human rights a crime against humanity?”

YES. Yes, it is.

Join the movement: http://www.beyondbars.org/




Republican poor-mouthing=

I decided to designate my Twitter account to be related just to PAF stuff and not so much personal stuff, so you can feel free to follow there. Poor as Folk on Twitter

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