Bookshelf turned Herb Garden



We currently live in a house with very little yard space BUT we have a driveway and no car. I’ve attempted exclusively  container gardening  but it was a lot of effort, a lot of containers, little yield, and looked really  cluttered. Last year, I flipped an old bookshelf on it’s back,filled it with dirt, and called it a raised bed.
This particular shelf is 9 inches deep, so works well for herbs.

I wish I’d taken more pics at the end of the season. I had some beautiful sunflowers along the back, an abundance of herbs, and even managed to get some carrots  grown in it.

I also upcycled an old armoire that had a broken leg and couldn’t be fixed into a planter for my tomatoes.
Excuse the toy clutter in the background.

The only problem I ran into is that this was pretty old and the rain warped it. I used the drawers as planters ,too, but one good rain made them fall apart. They were pretty and very Pinterest worthy (didn’t take a pic.Oops) but not functional.

Now whenever I find furniture on the side of the road ,the main thing I’m looking at is if can be turned into a raised bed-planter thingy.


I first blogged this over at DIY OR DIE:

6 thoughts on “Bookshelf turned Herb Garden

  1. That is so clever! I have a couple old/broken bookshelves that I have hung onto (I don’t like to throw things away). I will definitely be giving this idea a try!

  2. For those who have access to a computer, there are many ideas for repurposing things on the website called Green Renaissance. You would be surprised what you can do with the free wood pallets that are usually in front of furniture stores, lumber yards, etc. The site has many great ideas for using what you already have. Check it out.

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