Lunchtime Links: Using up potato water and cabbge (2 separate things),making rice cool,and more.

A round-up of today’s food related things…

Ohhh,man…. Chilli Cheese Tater Tots. I probably would use beans instead of the beef.

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Use it Up: Potato Water – How to recycle the water you boiled taters in…use it for other food or water your plants with it.

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How do I make rice more interesting? – This is a reader-submitted question over at The Kitchn but I’m asked this a lot ,too. The editor has some good suggestions but the comments sections is full of ideas. Yes, I’m telling you to read the comments. Might be the only time I ever do that…

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You know how I’m always complaining about the repetitive budget shopping tips lists (that often have some WTF Tips,ya know?) …and “budget meals” that are like my whole budget for a week?  Next-Level Tips for Saving Money on Your Grocery Bill
atire,my friends.
(And yes, I still DO advocate foraging and freeganism…. like, if you’re not trespassing or going to get arrested for it. Poor people can’t afford none of that nonsense)

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 28 Recipes to Celebrate Spring – Spring! I am so excited. The best thing about cooking w/ seasonal ingredients is that they are often less expensive when in season.

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I still have some cabbage to use up from that whole Corned Beef & Cabbage affair. Might try the cabbage salad idea ~here~


8 thoughts on “Lunchtime Links: Using up potato water and cabbge (2 separate things),making rice cool,and more.

  1. :heart: thanks for sharing my link! I am bashing my head on the wall with these “grocery-money-savings” posts and “budget meals” posts. Seriously, ten dollars to feed four for dinner? O_O

    1. Ohmygosh…my husband (who works in a grocery store) is now on a rant about how people grab things for their kid to snack on. He says he finds half eaten bagels and cookies all over the store and the wrappers stashed on shelves hehe

      1. TELL HIM I DIDN’T MEAN IT! bahaha. I picked some of the most a-hole things I possibly could.. one of my friends didn’t know I was joking until the third one in, he almost thought we couldn’t be friends anymore! ha!

  2. Cool ideas. The chili cheese tater tots are on my to make list next time my hubby falls of his diet. But I can tell you do NOT water your plants with any cooking water you’ve added salt to. Ask me how I know. Also, I owe my 9 year old 6 strawberry plants.

  3. If you are into making bread, your potato water is good to use rather than water or in place of perhaps half the milk. But you may need to cut back on the salt in the recipe.

  4. Chili Cheese Tater Tots sound yummy! We’ve tried something similar here, only with taco meat. If I made it with chili no one else would eat it. Oh, wait…

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