3.29.14 Link Love: More support for Shanesha Taylor

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If there were negative feelings about Shanesha Taylor’s situation the other day, the majority chose to keep it to themselves and spare me their vitriol on my own social media. The support and love for Shanesha was plentiful. There was only one woman who commented that, ” No job is worth endangering your children.” It’s that simple,right? When I asked if it was better to not try to get a job and live in a car with children, she just restated that opinion.  Some people just have judgement and no really constructive solutions. She went on after that to say she would have taken the kids with her ( good luck getting hired that way) or CHURCH.

Somewhere in the Middle of Everything addresses the church idea….

“What about a church?”

They charge tuition. Some ask for an “in kind” donation, meaning that they expect you to work for them…for however  long they see fit…in exchange for their generosity. I’ve explained before how insidiously churches can treat people who they know are vulnerable. Yes, there are some good churches out there, but unfortunately, most of them who offer services do so at the cost of your (or your children’s) souls.

Aside from that, you get job interview calls at the last minute, you don’t always have time between the call and the interview to fill out all the paperwork or jump through all the hoops needed for child care.

Again, and above all, you have no idea what this woman did and did not consider ahead of time before she made this decision.


My thought on the church suggestion was, “churches offer free babysitting now?” . I can’t think of a single church in my area that has a drop in childcare,anyway and there’s a helluva lot of churches around me.


“I Love Being A Mommy!!!” On Shanesha Taylor & Black Motherhood in the Age of Mass Incarceration – On the stigmatization & bigotry against black women and who Shanesha is as a mother.

The mugshot photo included in every single article,petition,fundraiser for Shanesha just made me cringe every time. That’s not who Shanesha is. As I said the other day when I shared Jill’s story, many women sent me private messages and emails telling me about the hard choices they’ve had to make like Shanesha. One comment on Shanesha’s photo: “I know that look. It’s suicide. It’s thinking about how your life means nothing.  It’s failure.”

As Prison Culture says: I look forward to Shanesha’s release from jail and her reunification with her children. I’ve been told that she is expected to be released on Monday and that her family has already posted bail. I look forward to replacing the mug shot photo that surely doesn’t capture who Shanesha is with a new one; maybe one like this…

Shanesha Taylor



Teen Mom NYC ( @GloriaMalone ) storified her tweets from the other day on Shanesha, her own experiences as a single mother, and the appalling daycare situation out there (I’m quoted about “shitty daycare” )

Read all the tweets ~HERE ~





On a related note:

AZ House budget has $900,000 for private-prison costs, but no child-care subsidies  


3 thoughts on “3.29.14 Link Love: More support for Shanesha Taylor

  1. I don’t agree with the commenter you mentioned, but church is a viable suggestion. You are right that churches do not offer free baby-sitting, but you could go into many churches and say “Help, I am homeless. I finally got a job interview, and I have nowhere to leave my kids but my car. Can you help?” I’d suggest small, progressive churches to avoid dealing with folks who follow prosperity gospel (those are the people who think you can only be poor because…of things you chose; I have never been sure how that’s Christianity and not Science of the Mind, but that is another conversation).

    I know my church would help. We’re a UCC church. I would imagine there are some Methodists churches that could help as well. I am not at all sure what the means of the help would be. Probably someone would accompany her to the interview and someone would watch the kids, but I know for certain that we have resources at my church for exactly these kinds of situations. It’s what we’re called to do in the name of our faith.

    I have been so poor, and homeless, and thankfully I did not have children then. I would not have thought a church would have helped me then either. But…looking back, if you have the mental health and skills to get back on your feet, I’d suggest using whatever resources are available.

  2. Wanted to say something about the mugshot. I used it in my own post about Ms. Taylor’s plight in order to show the injustice and pain her incarceration is causing her and her children. I also purposefully chose the one where her tears are visible to try to foster sympathy. I considered using one of her pics that wasn’t a mugshot at all; but I decided against it.

    I thought the mugshot would garner more support and sympathy for her basically because my people are sometimes flat out disgusting when it comes to how we treat minorities and sometimes shock works best.

    However, it’s now been made clear that I did not consider how that image is effecting others. Now that I have that information I will use it to work towards being more considerate of a wider range of feelings and perceptions in the future. I don’t promise I’ll get it right every time, but I do promise I will try harder from now on.

    1. I chatted on my personal page about how I felt weird about including the mugshot pic but the general consensus was that it’s a powerful image and definitely garners a lot of emotion…that it definitely should be seen. I always go back and forth on using raw pics like that. I probably never get it right most of the time 😉

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