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Today, I’m not 100% okay.  My Grandma is dying and my oldest son is now officially homeless. The former is ,in a way, a relief since she’s not been the woman who helped raise me for a very long time  but it’s still a difficult passing. The latter… I don’t even know what to say about that. He’s safe and has a few people who can give him a couch to sleep on during these cold NY spring nights. I didn’t even know he was on the verge of being homeless. When I asked if everything was going ok, “Everything is okay, Mom.”

I’m someone who will usually say , “I’m okay” no matter what mess I’m going through at the moment. I’m learning to admit when I’m not a-ok,though. It makes it harder to get support when you push people away who are genuinely concerned about how you’re coping with whatever crap you’re going through. If there’s someone who might be able to help, just admit that you might not be okay and get the help you need.